Marapets Description: Mill starts with each player, in turns, adding one of their nine pieces on an intersection of a horizontal and a vertical line of the grid. Whenever a player has three of their pieces in a horizontal or vertical row, they've created a Mill and can capture any piece of their opponent. Once both players have all of their pieces on the board, they must move one of their pieces to an adjacent free space when it's their turn. Capture seven of your opponent's pieces (so that they cannot create another Mill) to win. You cannot capture a piece from a Mill unless there are no other pieces to take. If your opponent cannot make a move on their turn you will also win the game.

If you win the game of Mill you will win 7,500MP and two entries to the raffle. If you lose or draw, you'll still win 1,750MP and one entry to the raffle. There will be three daily winners of a random Blood prize based on raffle entries earned.

Additional Comments: Mill is the sixth Board Game since it was released on 20th April 2020.


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