The Beginners Millionaire's Guide


  • Updated August 5, 2018!

This guide is designed to target those who are new at playing Marapets. If you are familiar with marapets this guide shall also be used as a point of reference. Results will vary from user to user!

To use "pet training" as a venue for earning marapoints doing quests and missions, go to the INTERMEDIATE part of this guide.

I will emphasize on the fact that Ian increased rewards
in Missions around 2014. Since then when you
complete some missions you will get as many as 750,000
marapoints. Retired items are not requested
unless it's for a collection.

To be a Marapet Millionaire is not a rarity, you can be a marapet millionaire within a week if you apply yourself.


Yes, you're not cross-sighted... You actually read that right! By now you probably realized that Marapets is not Neopets, and nowhere close to being the same! All you need to start is a good 5,000 marapoints and a lot of dedication. And when we say dedication, we don't mean to kill yourself playing; you need to focus!

--Click here to visit THE DAILIES PAGE do this everyday!--

• Take advantage of event items before they inflate more. There are plenty of freebies in Marapets, but you have to grab them while you can!

• Keep an eye in the Pot Of Gold [1]!

• If you calculate just the right Dukka coin [2] you can make marapoints selling them. You can make 130,000MP profit out of one 5-6 dukka coin.

• Do the Missions and Quests responsibly; they can be a reliable way to make MP.

• Restock. Restocking couldn't be easier when there is NO such thing as "Half Price Day"! Oh wait, there is? OK, so take advantage of Half Price and 2 for 1 shops whenever possible.

• Take advantage of the Charity Shop and Factory Outlet's half prices!

• Try you luck with Balloon Burst, (Free) BingoDuck or Dive, Jackpot Pyramid, Seven HeavenRummy, Grave Robbing, Open GravesFruit MachineWalk of Fame, MahjongSolitairesFairiesMummy Multiplier and Worm Digging.

Make Marapoints by:

  • Inflating price on 1MP items by selling them for up to 1,000MP!
  • Collect all sorts of items and interact with your pets and features in Marapets to get rewarded [12].
  • Deleting cheap items for Memory Points, buying items from the Memory Shop, and then selling them in Your Shop.
  • Playing Puzzle Games

When you are new, try to stay away from these because the reward you get from these is sometimes not worth the expense:

Eleka Fountain || Eleka Prison || Troll || Elite Gym

Leprechaun || Fasoro Falls || Robot Repair || Dukka Dash

Freelance Agency || Queen Bee || Dukka Treasure Slots || Keno


Bring these Maradans the items they ask for; you can buy them in the Main Shops or from User Shops. To bring the items to them, simply make sure that they are in your inventory (or attic) when you visit them and complete the quest!

Update: Some of these quests ask for items that cost you a combination of 9,000 MP or less. If you don't do these quests responsibly, they will cost you more MP than what you will gain from them.

Supposedly, this Santa needs Toys and Plushies to give away on the Elfember season. You may get a Santa Claws Trading Card and 50,000 marapoints if you are extremely lucky!
Average Reward: 3,000 MP

The farmer will ask you for random items. Buy the items and he will give you a fair reward. If you are lucky he can give you a Ball of Yarn. [13]
Average Reward: 2,500 MP

The Candy Tree is not generous at all. Bring him chocolates and candies if you want, but prepare to lose some MP. If you're really lucky, you may get Candy Fruit each worth about 4,000 MP. Once every couple of hundred times you might get a Chocolate Costume.
 Average Reward: 4,000 MP

The Haunted House is one of the best quests. However, spend no more than about 7000MP for this quest.
Average Reward: 1,000 MP and always one Crystal worth at least 6,000 MP.

You need to bring car parts which are a bit costly. I recommend spending 5000 MP or less on this quest. If you're lucky, there are rewards of 12,000 MP and 25,000 MP.
Average Reward: 3,000 MP

He will ask for food to feed all his children. He's a wacko so don't be surprised if he feeds an ABS Brakes to one of them. If you're really lucky you can get a Hungry Bolimo Trading Card or a Photo or Plushie of one of Travis' kids.
Average Reward: 4,000 MP

If you are getting the hang of it, you can try these quests which are a bit harder to do and more costly.


Currencies explained here:

There's a great way to exchange currencies: in the Currency Exchange at the Vortex Park [14]. The Price Check forum is the best place to ask someone to exchange. You can buy Dukka Coins from user shops and deposit them in the Dukka Exchange. Dukka Coins can be sold in shops, auctions, and trades for marapoints.



Blitzen will ask for random rare items. It has 30 levels in total.

The Troll will ask for musical instruments you must teach to your pet. It has 30 levels in total.
Clam will ask for Sushi and Pearls. It has 30 levels in total.
Ublish will ask for Stars (constellations). It has 30 levels in total.
Rusty Twins will ask for cans of food and bones. It has 30 levels in total.
Fates will ask for Cooking Ingredients and Poison. If you fail, they will punish you and your pet! It has 30 levels in total.
Tarquin will ask for books you must read to your pet. It has 30 levels in total.
Trotter will ask for DVDs you must let your pet watch. It has 30 levels in total.
Trunx will ask for CDs you must let your pet listen to. It has 30 levels in total.
The  Circus will ask for a Circus Ticket to begin your mission for balloons, plushies, drinks, and pizza. It has 30 levels in total.
Fugunzel will ask for charms. (You can only do this mission if you gathered the pieces of the map to the "hidden" tower of Fugunzel in Eleka Castle's Courtyard.) It has 30 levels in total.
Hector the Collector will ask for Stamps you must put in your Stamps Album. It has 30 levels in total.
Bumpkin will ask for random food items. It has 30 levels in total.
Hospice will ask for random minipets. It has 30 levels in total.
Penitentiary will ask for Photos you must put in your Photo Album. It has 30 levels in total.
Pirate Mission will ask for random items that cost Dukka Coins. It has 30 levels in total.
Sewer Cleaner will ask for items you find around the Sewers. It has 30 levels in total.
Greedy Gertrude will ask for Gourmet Foods you must feed to your pet. It has 30 levels in total.
Priscilla will ask for clothing you must have in your Wardrobe. It has 30 levels in total.
Jester will ask for plates you must put in your plate collection. It has 30 levels in total.

Blitzen is by far the mission that pays the biggest amount of marapoints. When you finish it you can get a Viotto Potion and ONE MILLION marapoints. But don't take it lightly! It will cost you at least 1 million marapoints to get some of the items Blitzen needs. It is one of, if not, the hardest mission in Marapets!

Most missions will give another type of Limited Edition pet potion with 500,000 marapoints.


All quests are not alike; some require you to complete something in order for you to gain marapoints or an item in return. Such is the case of Knutt Knight and Sumo Sally Quests. (You can complete a Sally quest any time you like, provided you have her pass.) To be able to complete the quest you need to obtain Trading Cards and battle the opponent on the face of the chosen trading card. Not to mention you need a trained pet. If you win, they will reward you with BPs and a Diamond!

Other quests that will require you to do something uncommon are the Snowman and Secret Santa quests which ask you to send a random item to another player. When they confirm that you have sent the item, then they will reward you with a number of marapoints.

Another type of quest is the Leprechaun Quest which will ask for random items and will give you RPs in return. As I said before I wouldn't recommend this quest to a beginner because they can be expensive. Your marapoint balance will decrease as your RPs will slowly increase. RPs are useful to buy Poisons and Treasure Maps. You can only take advantage of these in large quantities. If you buy Maps with only a couple of thousands of RP, you will more likely be losing marapoints rather than making a good investment, so make sure that you SAVE these points for emergencies. You can get RPs when you buy stuff in the main shops as well, so watch your RP balance increase as you accept! (same value of the rarity of the item being purchased)

Last but not least, one of the hardest quests to do: the Simerian Explorer, as you need to assemble a treasure map worth at least 150 million MP.

You need to send an item to the random user the Snowman asks. You may get a Snowman Twin Trading Card and 50,000 marapoints if you are extremely lucky!
Average Reward: 3,250 MP and sometimes an ice sculpture worth 500MP or so.

You need to send an item to the random user Santa asks. His taste can be expensive but don't spend more than 7,000 MP doing this quest! You may get a Santa Trading Card and 50,000 marapoints if you are extremely lucky!
Average Reward: 3,000 MP

You need to bring him one to three random items. He will give you Restock Points as a reward.
Average Reward: 1,000 RP

You need to battle the enemy on the face of the Trading Card he/she asks.
Average Reward: 200 BP and often a Diamond worth 8,000MP or so.

You need to bring him one to three random items. You may get a Rune as a reward (see guide).
Average Reward: 5,000 MP and sometimes a Rune worth at least 250,000 MP.

Bring him one to three random items to earn Toy Blocks to use in the Puny Pyramid.
Average Reward: MP, Toy Blocks, or sometimes a repair for a broken toy or attic.

Bring one to three Computer Parts and he'll give your pet ONE magic point. For more details about magic, see below.


Magic is not necessarily a way to make marapoints but it will help you in battle. If you learn to heal your pet effectively in battle using magic, you will be able to win and earn BPs, which will be useful to you later. The easiest ways to get magic are by doing Computer Repair Quests and going to the Genie, which is entirely random.


Take benefit of Baspinar Points (BPs) you get when you battle. It's true - making BPs can be an extremely difficult task. Use battles as the quickest way to make BP. For more information, check out the Beginners' Guide to Battling.

What do you get from Baspinar Points?
It takes some time but you can make marapoints if you use BPs successfully. For example, you can use BP to buy items in Rapunzel's Tower and the Mummy Dolls Shop [15] and sell them in your shop or trades.


Training Items: Crystals, Diamonds and School Supplies

These will aid you in training and schooling your pet. Training and schooling are needed if you want to send your pet to earn a living at the Job Centre and Freelance Agency. A Job will earn you marapoints EVERYDAY! Diamonds can be received from the Knutt Knight (available when the castle is open every other hour) and Sumo Sally (available from a pass), crystals can be rewarded from the Haunted House, and you can buy school supplies in the School Supplies Shop.

There are several places where your pet can be trained and they all do something different for your pet.


A good number of Pet Jobs require charisma. There are several levels of charisma and each job requires a certain amount. There are only currently 4 ways to earn charisma for your pet, all of which are random.


Goals are definitely something serious players can use to their benefit, as they are a good way to make marapoints. They are designed to create history in your profile; as others see your accomplishments hopefully they will take you more seriously. These goals are NOT for the faint of heart. Some levels can be extremely challenging. And they may also require you to complete some VERY HARD Missions and have a pet wearing a costume from a certain Account Upgrade or mission (now available through Auctions and trading). 

The prizes you get from the goals can vary between MP or rare items.


Activities that you can do to help you get a bit more extra MP, RP, or BP!!!

Pull THAT sword! YEAH!!! Pull the sword from the stone and win the jackpot. Even if you don't manage to pull the sword, you may win a bonus prize. It is often recommended to leave with one of these instead of the Jackpot because they might sell for more.

Hump Racing: Give a Hump a drink for it to race for MP; the odds depend on how many you'll win. Should you lose, you will only be rewarded with 250MP and a Yuni Brows Coupon.

Aquarium: Feed a worm to a fish minipet. You will get marapoints and a Scholarship! You don't know where to get worms? Go Worm Digging to find them!

Go to the Eleka Fountain at your own risk. That's all we have to say.

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