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==Common Minipets==
==Common Minipets==
Common Minipets are the most widespread species of minipet. They are found in the [[Minipets Shop]], [[Account Upgrades]], [[Treasure Chests]], [[Goals]], [[Missions]], [[:Category:Rewards|Rewards]], and certain [[:Category:Wars, Plots and Events|wars or events]].
Common Minipets are the most widespread species of minipet. They are found in the [[Minipets Shop]], [[Account Upgrades]], [[Treasure Chests]], [[Games]], [[Goals]], [[Missions]], [[:Category:Rewards|Rewards]], and certain [[:Category:Wars, Plots and Events|wars or events]].
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* [[Bush]]
* [[Bush]]
* [[Cackles]]
* [[Cackles]]
* [[Carbonated]]
* [[Charmer]]
* [[Charmer]]
* [[Checkmate]]
* [[Checkmate]]

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Minipets are cute little pets that your pet can take along with them. You can change the colour of a Minipet by riding the Fasoro Falls or using Balls of Yarn that you can win from Farming quests. Make sure to look at this link for a list of minipets and the avatars they can give you: Minipet Avatar Guide

Arthropod "Bug" Minipets

Bug Minipets are arthropods that are mostly available through the Trash Heap in the Sewers.

Common Minipets

Common Minipets are the most widespread species of minipet. They are found in the Minipets Shop, Account Upgrades, Treasure ChestsGamesGoals, Missions, Rewards, and certain wars or events.

Alien Minipets

Amphibian Minipets

Armadillo Minipets

Bat Minipets

Bear Minipets

Bird Minipets

Bootleg Minipets

Butterfly Minipets

Canine Minipets

Devil Minipets

Doppel-gourmet Minipets

They may look like Minipets that your pet can eat, but they're not!

Elephant Minipets

Even-toed Ungulate Minipets

Feline Minipets

Ghost Minipets

Griffin Minipets

Lagomorph Minipets

Marsupial Minipets

Mollusk Minipets

Mustelid Minipets

Odd-toed Ungulate Minipets

Pinniped Minipets

Primate Minipets

Procyonid Minipets

Reptillian Minipets

Rodent Minipets

DNA Minipets

DNA Minipets are hybrids of pets exclusively made through Laboratory Operations.

Fish Minipets

FIsh Minipets are aquatic minipets available through Fishing. You can feed them at the Aquarium with worms from Worm Digging.

Gourmet Minipets

Gourmet Minipets, or Edible Minipets, are a special species of minipet that can be owned and eaten for your pet's Gourmet Foods collection. Be careful when you use it; "Use Item" will add it as a minipet, while "Eat Minipet" will feed it to your pet. Most of these can be earned from the Foxfire Pond.

Organic Minipets

Organic Minipets are crops that can be grown in Gardening. Most of these minipets' names are corrupted versions of their real life counterparts (ex. Brocklee = Broccoli).

Pseudo-Organic Minipets

Robot Minipets

Robot Minipets are mechanical minipets that can be received via Robot Repair Quests (if you are really lucky) from giving the broken ones Batteries from the Batteries Shop.

Undying Minipets

Unding Minipets are prehistoric minipets that can only be earned by resurrecting them at the Undying Woods. You can do so using Bones from Grave Robbing and Blood from Anagram Sam or the Account Upgrades Shop.

Wild Minipets

Wild Minipets are rare minipets that pay homage to the Poke-the-Monster video games that can only be obtained by encountering them through a Random Event. Once this happens, you can visit the Battle Arena to fight it. If you win the battle, there is a chance that you will get to catch the Wild Minipet and keep it as an item.

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