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The retired Minipet and Gnome Costumes were first introduced in the July 2010 and August 2011 Account Upgrades; the Minipet Pets was re-released in February 2018 with an incredible shrinking Green Costume! Pets wearing this costume will shrink to the size of an actual minipet. For the most part, Minipet pts are simpler than their normal counterparts but are like actual modern minipets like Tefty or Ryan and still stay true to their normal counterparts' current designs. Meanwhile, Gnome pets are lowly, bearded pets with a red hat and green suit, doing garden work for the citizens of Gigantic Paradise.


Minipet Pets: Now Available on DVD!

Minipet Pets!

Minipets Pets around Marada

One Minipet Pet is featured around the site: Jim.

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