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With the teams almost chosen, the War Redemption Shop has open in Mini Pet Island. This new shop will be open through the whole war, allowing you to spend your war points as soon as you earn them. This shop will have a limited amount of stock for each item, and they may not restock again! There will also be lots more added to the shop all of the time, including real prizes!
With the teams almost chosen, the War Redemption Shop has open in Mini Pet Island. This new shop will be open through the whole war, allowing you to spend your war points as soon as you earn them. This shop will have a limited amount of stock for each item, and they may not restock again! There will also be lots more added to the shop all of the time, including real prizes!
14th-15th March 2007
14th-15th March 2007

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WAR - PrologueEdit

Minipet Island Land War - Part 1Edit

9th January 2007

Dark times may be ahead for Marada... There have been many worrying events in the last 24 hours, which we feel we cannot keep hidden any longer. However frightening it is, you, the Maradan public have a right to know. The first sign of trouble was when the residents of the Undying Woods were woken in the early hours of the morning by Elger having a fit. One of the newths (a very brave one!) was sent to find out what the trouble was this time and reported back that Elger was 'extremely displeased' (that's not the exact words she used, but we have to keep things clean) that she was no longer the evilest being in Marada. The newth then stuttered something about 'Queen Eleka' and ran away crying before we could get any more information from him.

As a few of you may know if you've been reading the Maradan encyclopedia set, Queen Eleka once ruled the dark side of Marada. Legends of the horrors of her reign are still told today, tales of a dark castle where nightmares can become reality, tales of a queen so beautiful and so evil that Marada has never again seen the like in a thousand years. For it was one thousand years ago today that the good King Baspinar the First finally defeated Eleka and banished her from our lands.

Naturally, mention of Queen Eleka concerned us greatly, and so several more newths were sent south from Dukka Caves to investigate the ruins of the Dark Castle. Unfortunately, although 24 hours have now passed, we have not heard back from them. We can only hope that they have run in terror and have not met some terrible fate.

Of course, by now I'm sure you are wondering why, if all this has been happening, there has not been some proclamation from our King, Baspinar XII, to reassure us of his protection. We regret to have to inform you that an hour ago we were contacted by a palace aide who told us that Baspinar has now been missing for over 12 hours! The castle and grounds have been searched thoroughly, and the search is now widening into Puchala Village and the foothills of Biala.

We would like to assure you that there really is no need for panic at this time. Although the King's location is not yet known, it is possible that there may still be some simple explanation for all of this. We'll keep you updated on any new events as they happen.

Minipet Island Land War - Part 2Edit

23rd January 2007

Breaking news! The day we've all been hoping will never come is here... Queen Eleka has returned with this message...

I, Queen Eleka, have returned and thus proclaim myself the only and supreme ruler of all Maradan Lands South of the River, including Minipet Island and Jenoa. These lands, which have been rightfully mine since time began were falsely claimed by the tyrant Baspinar I who despicably placed me under a spell of Banishment so he could steal my realm and my property!

I am disgusted to see what has become of my formerly proud realm, and shall shortly be bringing the Dark Side of Marada back to its former glory. Too long has it been forgotten about and reviled! This must change!

I demand that all 'light' Marapets vacate my territory immediately! Especially Angel Murfins. Ugh! I will not tolerate goodness and light where I might accidentally see it.

Dark marapets are to prepare to report to my castle in order to serve their Queen. Together we will build an empire that will outdo any that has come before. We will bring Marada into a new age! So powerful and great that our enemies will quake before us like the snivelling worms that they are! Prepare, Marada, for our glorious future!

As all Maradans are aware, the search for our King, Basinar XII continues. Maradan police report that they are following up all leads but as yet have no definite information as to his whereabouts. A statement was issued this afternoon that they are looking into rumours of a diamond trade that occurred yesterday. It is alleged that several distinctive diamonds which may have been the famed 'Baspinar Diamonds' (originally imported from far away lands and set into the royal crown 400 years ago by the late King Baspinar IX) were noticed passing through the trades.

We would also advise that everyone be particularly watchful of their marapets at this worrying time. Reports are coming in of many strange disappearances in the area south of Dukka Caves. Several angel murfins have been reported missing with no trace, and also one burnt chibs (though we think that one may be a hoax and now in hiding, after it changed into a yellow xoi during a small accident with the portal)

Finally, we must ask that all Maradans now help us in a vitally important task - we need YOUR help in searching for the King. Search your marahomes, look around you as you travel... The King must be found, and with every Maradan working together we cannot fail to succeed!

24th January 2007

NEW WORLD With Queen Eleka's return and the strange disappearance of King Baspinar, it was possible for Queen Eleka's Castle to reopen. It's really deserted right now, but as the Queen gets more settled, I'm sure more will be happening there...

Minipet Island Land War - Part 3Edit

29th January 2007

The King is dead! Long live the new King!

We regret to inform you that our beloved King, the renowned Baspinar XII has perished. The castle was in mourning last night after genetic testing was completed by the Enpiah DNA laboratory proving that the remains that people have been fishing out of the Maradan river did in fact belong to our missing King Baspinar XII and not his multi-great grandfather Baspinar I as was formerly believed.

News has reached us that the new King, Baspinar XIII was immediately crowned during the night in an emergency ceremony at the castle. Not wanting to delay in these worrying times the normal public ceremonies and celebrations were set aside in order that Marada should once again have a King to protect us. As I'm sure every Maradan is aware, Baspinar XIII is the (rather, unfortunately, uglier) identical twin brother of our former handsome king the late Baspinar XII. Born just nineteen seconds later than his brother, he was natuarally next in line for the throne.

A proclamation has been issued this morning from our new King:

My fellow Maradans, I bring to you this morning the sad news of my brother's death. He is believed to have met his end at the hands of evil minions of the false Queen Eleka. This dreadful witch is sure to bring nothing but harm to our peaceful kingdom, and we do not recognise any claim by her to the Southern lands!

The question now remains as to what shall be done about this threat to Marada. As I believe in modern methods, and fairness for all our subjects, I have decided that the question of action against this traitorous interloper should be handled by the Maradan parliament rather than by myself. All Maradans are therefore called immediately to vote at the castle in a special referendum on the subject of war!

You can now vote in the Election inside the castle for what should happen next.

5th March 2007

The Election results are in. The Snobbish Party has won, receiving 76% of the vote. Already in power, they have decided that they will declare war on Queen Eleka. This means that the war will start within the next couple of days! Keep checking the news for more updates.

WAR - Stage 1Edit


11th March 2007 It is finally time for our war to start. You can now click on the shields on the site layout, under the logo, and it will allow you to pick which team you want to join. You can only join one team and cannot change it once it's been chosen. For the next three to four weeks, we will have our war event which will keep you all busy! It will include quests, restocking, and of course, battling! You will find out more soon but for now, its time to pick your teams...

This War Avatar is also available! It will retire after this event.

13th March 2007

With the teams almost chosen, the War Redemption Shop has open in Mini Pet Island. This new shop will be open through the whole war, allowing you to spend your war points as soon as you earn them. This shop will have a limited amount of stock for each item, and they may not restock again! There will also be lots more added to the shop all of the time, including real prizes!

14th-15th March 2007

With the news of the War reaching Queen Eleka, she responded by closing *EVERY* shop in the dark side of Marada from light siders, meaning if you joined the light side you cannot restock in any shop on the light side of Marada! The King quickly retaliated by closing all of his shops to dark siders!

With the Light Side now banned from shopping on the Dark Side, King Baspinar has noticed a few problems with his economy. To try and fix these problems, he will be awarding 2 war points for every rarity of an item that light siders restock* from his shops. This means that if you restock a rarity 10 item, you will receive 20 war points.

Queen Eleka responded quickly deciding to do the exact same for the Dark Siders. She realizes that she has much fewer shops on the dark side than the light side has, but the dark side will have the advantage on the next stage! Plus, Jenoa was mistakenly added to the Light Side when it's actually part of the Dark side of Marada.

  • RESTOCKING = buying items from the main shops (not user shops) on the world maps of Marada.

WAR - Stage 2Edit

17th March 2007

With the dark side's shops closed for all of the light siders, the ongoing war is causing huge economic problems for the light side, which relies on many of the goods on sale in places such as Ziranek and the goods smuggled from the Dukka Caves. To help give his troops the goods they need to fight this war, King Baspinar is giving out quests for items that are sold on the dark side. If you bring them to him, he will reward you with War Points. If the light side is to win this war and save Mini Pet Island, we need YOUR help! If you are on the Light Side you can visit King Baspinar now! With the King now giving out quests, he has decided to open the castle 24 hours a day. This means that the Troll can no longer have any guests visiting while the castle is open - you will have to wait for the war to finish!

With the light side shops closed for all of the dark siders, the ongoing war is causing huge economic problems for the dark side, which relies on many of the goods on sale in places such as the City and the food grown in Gigantic Paradise. To help give her minions the goods they need to fight this war, Queen Eleka is giving out quests for items that are sold on the light side. If you bring them to her, she will reward you with War Points. If the dark side is to win this war and capture Mini Pet Island, we need YOUR help!

WAR - Stage 3 Edit

25th March 2007

The War is on! Queen Eleka foolishly thought she could win just by shutting her shops to the light side, but as that didn't work, shes sent 100,000 Swondors to attack the light side! The King has responded, sending 100,000 of his Muskit troops to fight the dark side! You can go to the Battle Arena now to fight for your side.

You will gain War Points for each battle, which is a random amount between 1 and the difficulty of the opponent. There will be lots more opponents in the war, with more on the way this week. The Restocking stage of the war is now over.

There are lots more items in the War Redemption Shop and even more, items will be added over the next two weeks - including some more real prizes! Remember there are limited numbers of each one, and there is no guarantee it will restock again!

Minipet Island Land War - Part 4Edit

1st April 2007

Happy News!

We bring good news today, on a rather unexpected outcome to a secret peace conference that has been occurring to discuss the war. During their attendance at the conference, it is rumoured that King Baspinar XIII and Queen Eleka had been conducting private talks on the future of Marada's ecology with respect to a large number of Muskits and Swondors that have been killed as a result of the war.

It was announced today that during these talks the two rivals fell in love and were married in a secret ceremony several days ago! We also bring you the happy news that Queen Eleka is already expecting their heir to the throne. The happy couple has revealed that they intend to name their first-born Princess Laimay III (we just hope that it turns out to be a girl!) The Laimay will be our 40th species of Marapet and will be the rarest of all the limited edition pets. We are not quite sure when it will arrive, as Eleka has declined to comment on the due date.

Obviously, the ongoing war is now cancelled, but there will still be plenty of changes happening to the site as Eleka's castle is to be immediately vacated, and work is commencing on Baspinar's Castle to "bring it out of the dark ages and make it fit to live in" as Eleka tactfully puts it. War points will soon also be spendable in a new nursery shop that is opening soon.

2nd April 2007

Queen Eleka and King Baspinar's first child has been born! Introducing... Princess Laimay III

APRIL FOOLS! Princess Laimay III is actually a Crindol and a standard species of pet, meaning that their species is healthy and their habitat is not threatened. You can create one at any time. The war is still on and there will be more war-related news soon!

WAR - Stage 5Edit

8th April 2007

The second attack is on! Head over to the Battle Arena now to fight either a Kevadra or a Wizadrip. Because of the ongoing War, it is too unsafe for Easter Eggs to be hidden around Marada - the Easter Bunny was even kidnapped - presumably by Newths! Her egg basket was deserted this morning, there was only a note saying: We hAvE THE BUnNy. GiVe uS 10,000 SALmoN fLaVOuReD eGGs oR hE gEtS iT

The MBI (Maradan Bureau of Investigation) is currently hard at work trying to trace the kidnappers and rescue the bunny. The Easter Egg Hunt WILL happen once we get her back, there just might be a slight delay. The war should be finished by next weekend, so we can start the Easter Egg Hunt then.


4th June 2007

The final stage of the War is now on. 75,000 from each side is now attacking. This will be your last chance to get War Points when these are gone, the war will be over, so we can finally move onto some of the great new events we have planned for the summer. Once the war has ended, the War Redemption shop will restock a few more times for you to spend the rest of your war points.

These two new Camouflage Pets have been added just in time for the final stage of the war!


17th August 2007

Queen eleka

Queen Eleka and her dark side lost the war... more news soon!

The War has finally ended with the defeat of Queen Eleka and her dark side. The light side won on the restocking and battling stages by far, but the Dark side did get the most points from Quests. Overall the light side had more people, stronger pets, and lots more points per person. Queen Eleka has been locked up in her castle planning her return...
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