Missions are another big part of pet sites, and MaraPets has their own share of great missions! Missions are similar to Quests but with 30-50 levels, each harder than the next. Missions reward you for doing what you are told to do within the time limit. Missions are timed and you will fail if you do not complete it on time and will return back to level one. (Mission resets only happen if there is a glitch.) You can complete missions as many times as you like and completing them will give you a special prize, usually a Limited Edition pet and even hundreds of thousands of MP; if you're very persistent, you can even make millions! (There exists an exploit in completing Level-Based Games for a chance to skip a mission level, but that won't give you anything apart from that level's avatar and goal requirement.) The Peasant Fairy will also reward you for completing mission levels. There is also a Monthly Mission Contest to enter. There are 32 Stamps that can be won as bonus prizes whenever you complete a specific Quest or a level of a specific Mission.

PS. Unlike missions, Temples & Pyramids are not timed, and they can be completed only once (twice with the right Giftbox).

PPS. Rather than redirecting you to a mission's Wishlist, they each have their own Prize List with the same design as the Level-Based Games making it much easier to see what prizes you can win from each level.

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Main Missions




Other related things to Missions

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from failing any level of any mission.


You get this from failing level 30 of any Mission.

Missions Giftbox

Use this item and you can complete missions twice as often forever. Complete a level every 6 hours instead of 12 hours. But you cannot do the same mission you did 6 hours earlier.

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