About the Mordo

Pronunciation: Mor-doe
Pet Kind or Species: New World porcupine
Date Introduced: 3rd November 2006
Description: The Mordo is a Limited Edition porcupine marapet. It was introduced through the November 2006 Devil Account Upgrade Set and was then sold again in November 2009, February 2013 (Ice Cream & Nightmare), May 2016 (Desert), September 2017 (Robot), and September 2019 (Midnight). Mordos can be dressed up with some of the following Costumes: Angel, Baby, Cartoon, Digital, Funky, Goblin, Ice Fairy, and many others (see slideshow). It was revamped on 28th January 2017, making seem a lot more affectionate thanks to its description.

Official Description: Although spiky in appearance, Mordos are one of the most affectionate pets. They love nothing more than cuddling with their owners, but be careful not to get hurt!

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Mordo (No. 36)


Mordos around Marada

Mordos featured around the site: University, Soft Drinks Shopkeeper, Rock Band Frontman, and Lin.

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Ramzilla from Mara Community(Mara Community (website)) loves the Mordo. It is one of his top 5 pets. His set price for one is around $3-5 USD, or 4-5 million MP.