About the Murfin

Pronunciation: Mer-fin
Pet Kind or Specie: House mouse
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Murfin is a standard mouse marapet that has been very popular since the site's opening. The Murfin is featured in many places around Marada including, but not limited to Franken Hamlet the Undying Minipets clerk, Gouda from Cheese Shop, and one of the divers in the Sewer Pipes. It is currently available in many special costumes such as Gnome, Camouflage, Cheese, Elf, Devil, Pampered, Witch, Super Hero, etc.
Revamp: In July 2012, it was redrawn to look more like its real-life counterpart. In 2017, this pet was slightly redrawn to help it fit in with the current site artwork.

Official Description: Murfins love small, quiet spaces to hide in. If you adopt one of these pets you must be very quiet if you want them to come out and play.

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Murfin (no. ?)


Murfins around Marada

Murfins featured around the site: Franken, Undying Tombola Kiosk, Gouda, Sewer Pipes, Fast Food Shopkeeper, Microwave, Worm Digging Farmer, Murfin Madness, and Ant Hill Victim.

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