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Previously on the Cover (March & April 2020)

Pandemic Pandemonium

Wallop pirate

"Here's a spin on the ol' News format!"'

1st-11th March: There are new High Score Rewards that you can win from Quack Mafia and Monty's Great Escape, the Paffuto, Speiro, Walee, and Zetlian can now wear the Injured Costume, and several more very old and/or broken Wardrobe items have been updated. The Candle Hat is now an Ari Wig, the Stone Age Wig is now Shaggy Wig, the Rainbow Wig is now Rainbow Bangs Hair Extension and the Sea Water Female Sash is now Sea Water Blouse. The Sea Water Wig, Knitted Poncho and Striped Poncho have also been revamped and they can finally change colour.

2nd March: Wallops can now wear the Galaxy, Midnight, Mutant, Prison and Zombie Costumes. The Echlin, Figaro, Flab, Gizmo, Gobble, Knutt, Paffuto, Quell, Rusty, Snookle, Zola and Vixen can now wear the Fade Costume.

5th March: The Monthly Checklist has been running for over 14 years and it's given out over £200,000 in FREE Account Upgrade Credit since it launched but the list itself hadn't changed or kept up with the rest of Marapets. Now that our new HTML5 Arcade Games are being released and can be played by everyone, we're finally able to launch the new and improved Monthly Checklist feature! The requirements now change each month and some are chosen at random, so each player has a slightly different list to complete. Several prizes are reserved for those who have completed more levels of the Progress Goals. We've increased the number of prizes each month from 63 to 100 Winners and the total prize fund has increased from £1,000 to £1,157.

8th: Eighteen of the oldest (and worst) Zombie pets have been updated to their new design. The Wallop can now wear the Calico, Dalmatian, Defective, Love, Millionaire, Negative, Pastel, Radioactive, Rainbow, Snow, Starry, Strobe and Tiger Costumes.

10th March-29th April: The Headless Basil, Crindol, Ercuw, Justin, Pucu, Troit, Vixen, Zetlian, and Zoosh have been updated to the new design.

26th March: Twenty more pets can now wear the Fade Costume.

30th March: We'd like to give all of our players an update on our plans for the next couple of months here at Marapets. First, we'd like to make sure all of our players are safe and well and following the current advice of health and government officials regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is an extremely stressful and emotional time for many of us and we'd like to make sure Marapets doesn't add to this, so we're pausing our random Weather Events for the next couple of months. We know that many of you are self-isolating and spending much more time at home, so we're working hard to release over a year's worth of planned new content, updates, games, features and rewards in April and May to keep you all entertained (and distracted). Twenty more pets can now wear the Fade Costume.

23rd April: The Straya can now wear the Splatter and Recycled Costumes. The Headless Straya has also been updated. Two new items are now on sale at the Giftbox Shop. The Colours Giftbox allows you to play Colours once every 8 hours instead of 16 hours - for life! This means you'll earn double the transformations for your pet's collection. The Guillotine Giftbox allows you to use the Guillotine feature once every 8 hours instead of 16 hours. We've added many new benefits that each player can unlock when they reach a certain level of our Progress Goals. There was already a lot of great benefits from being Bronze, Silver and Gold but as these are each 25 levels apart, it was time to add some perks for the levels in between!

23rd April: The Feliz, Gonk, Lati, Murfin, Nino, Ushunda, Vixen, Walee, Wallop and Yuni can now wear the Recycled Costume.

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Previously on the Cover (February 2019)

Mara-tine's Month

Kaala valentine

It's a Kaala and it's happy to see you!

2nd: The Addow, Decadal, Fasoro, Leido, Mordo, Osafo, Rofling and Zoink can now wear the Fade Costume. There are 32 new Stamps that can be won as bonus prizes whenever you complete a specific Quest or a level of a specific Mission. There are new DVD items on sale at some of the special shops around Marada.

4th-9th: Vortex Park has been hit by a Tornado and is totally destroyed. The Carpenter will offer all players a fixed MP fee to fix their attic whenever these are broken.

10th & 11th: King Baspinar has announced that his Palladium Jubilee, celebrating 75 years on the throne, will go ahead on Saturday 22nd February 2020. He is bringing the circus to town and all of his citizens WILL have fun.

14th: A new Valentine's Day experience has been released. Can you find it?

15th: There are new rewards that you can win from Fairy Flight. Every time you send a score that is high enough, you will win one of these new item prizes or stats for all of your pets. You will only win one prize from the High Score Rewards each time you send a score high enough. These prizes are additional to any MP, Score Points or Bonus Prizes you may also win. The Leido, Troit, Yakubi and Zola can now wear the Valentine Costume. Players who have completed all 30 Stamps for the Candyland page of their album can visit their Stamp Album and receive 10 new item prizes, a medal for their profile and 25,000MP. The Plushie Machines now have 13 new Enchanted Xoi Plushies and 13 new Xoi Plushies to be won.

16th: The Dukka Coins and Fake Dukka Coins have been updated.

17th: A new Pet Stats Giftbox is now on sale at the Giftbox Shop. Use this item and you be able to select which of your pets you would like to receive stats around the site! This will work for any feature that currently picks one of your pets at random to receive stats. You can change your Default Pets at the Pets section. As we have a LOT of places that give stats, there is a chance we may have missed somewhere. If you use the Giftbox and there is any place it doesn't work as intended, please let us know at the Help Forums so that we can add any we may have missed. Several of the oldest (and worst) Wigs have been updated. You can see the full list of changes at this Topic at the Forums. The new game rewards for Fairy Flight currently include pet stats for ALL of your pets because this is, at the moment, our one and only HTML5 Arcade Game. In 3 days' time (Feb 20th) this will revert to earning a stat for one of your pets - a random pet or a specific pet if you have the new giftbox. When we have more games, the Game of the Day and other new features will be added with different rewards and benefits for playing different games. Pet stats for ALL pets will be one of these rewards.

February 22nd, 2020 is officially King Baspinar's Palladium Jubilee, an occasion to celebrate the life and 75 year reign of our monarch. He has created a huge royal spectacle, hiring Slater Park as the venue for his ceremony and bringing the circus to town. His Majesty is a perfectionist and to ensure his celebration shows exactly how rich, powerful and amazing he is, he has hired the Trickster to run the show. It's so important to the King that every citizen is having fun, he's willing to do whatever is necessary to make this happen! His carnival will leave town March 9th.

26th BREAKING NEWS: It's time to finally stop the Quack Mafia! Once again we'd like to thank all of our players, especially those who have continued to play and support us over the past 15 Years and those who purchase Account Upgrades. Without your help we'd not be able to continue to improve and grow.

27th: With the Penitentiary back open and the remaining Quack Mafia being stopped, their attacks will no longer happen randomly as you play. There is one place in Marada still safe for any duck - Heckles and his duck pond in Slater Park! Heckles and his Duck or Dive game has been improved. You can still play this game once per day for FREE but his duck pond may randomly have three new special ducks in it. If you find the black duck, you will be attacked by the Quack Mafia. Find the silver duck and you will win one of the new bonus prizes for this game or a Tiny Pearl item. If you are really lucky and find the dollar duck, you will win the new Jackpot, which is currently over 500,000MP. The Quack Mafia attacked and injured these pets just before they were finally stopped.

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Previously on the Cover (January 2020)

Changes on The Horizon!

Tantua simerian

"You're no match for me, weather!"'

1st: It's 2020 and we have a fantastic year ahead of us at Marapets! Sadly, it also means the end of our Flash Games. If you did not already know, on December 31, 2020, Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash. It had already had limited or no support on most browsers and all mobile devices, so we decided to start 2020 without it. The 2 levels of Candyland Goals and the level of Undying Woods Goals and the City of Marada Goals have both been changed to remove the flash game requirements. The Monthly Checklist also does not require you to play these games this month either. Other changes will be made later this year. The Azul, Crindol, Dakota, Decadal, Echlin, Fasoro and Kidlet can now wear the Recycled Costume.

8th: As much as we'd love to never have any errors or bugs, sometimes these can happen. We've updated our Error page - if you ever find any errors or problems around the site, please let us know about it at the Errors or Bugs Forum so these can be fixed right away. The Justin, Kujo, Lorius, Mordo, Newth, Vlad and Zoosh can now wear the Recycled Costume.

9th: Major changes have happened with our Friends and Feeds features.

12th: There are new Profile Settings to give you greater control over what you allow/share. You can now hide the time/date on your Activity Log so that it only shows for your friends or best friends (or no one if you set it to best friend and have none of these). The Ercuw, Eyru, Oglue, Phanty, Pucu, Tasi, Troit and Zetlian can now wear the Recycled Costume.

17th: There are 8 new species of DNA Minipet that can now be cloned at the Laboratory. The Fasafo and Azow have also been updated.

22nd-24th: After a week or so of rain, it's slowly stopping and the sun has come through, creating a beautiful Rainbow.

24th & 25th: Fairy Flight is the first of many new Arcade Games we have on the way to replace the Flash Games we retired beginning this year. Now that our new Arcade Games are being released, we can finally reveal some of the changes intended for the old flash games without ruining the surprise! The 46 Video Game bonus prizes that could be won from each of the flash games will remain as items on the game but now restock at the Video Games Shop for Score Points. The 29 Stamps and 20 Glowing Egg Flash Game Bonus Prizes that could be won from our old games are now restocking in the Stamps and Glowing Egg shops.

27th: The Winner has been added to the Minipet Island world map and the Rewards page. There are even more winners today, as the Santa Claws New Year Raffle has been announced.

28th: An unexpected, dangerous Storm has hit Marada. It's different to the Rain that Marada has recently experienced and it's like no weather the residents of Marada have ever experienced! As soon as we know more about it, we will let you know..

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Previously on the Cover (December 2019)

Fortunately, aside from being a bit distracting, this weather has no real impact on gameplay.

Azul rainy (1)

"No real impact?! Speak fer ye'self!"'

1st: Its December 1st and the Advent Calendar didn't work as it should today. It will work for the rest of the month as normal but today's prize can be claimed at the Vault instead, using code 15-YEARS-AND-STILL-CANT-GET-IT-RIGHT.

4th, 5th, and 8th: The Heatwave has ended. All of the frozen items you have been bringing to Borak worked. Well, almost! There was a shortage of frozen items and it wasn't quite enough for Borak to make snow. It's raining instead. With the hot weather behind us, most of Marada is back to normal - including the frozen shops in Biala. Can we all bring Borak enough frozen items now to make it snow and Save Christmas?

9th: Borak did it! You all brought him enough frozen items to make it snow!! The rain has ended. Elfember can happen, for now...

16th: The Gobble, Poera and Troit can now wear the Enpiah Costume and the Bolimo and Crikey can now wear the Recycled Costume.

18th: The Puchalla Inn was opened in May 2009 by Claude the bartender. Sadly, he has retired after 10 years of great service and was replaced by his daughter, Claudia. Eight more pets can now wear the Invisible Costume.

21th: The Astro, Chibs, Daisy, Decadal, Gizmo and Justin can now wear the Elf Costume.

23rd: Marapets is now... Mobile!!!

25th: The Seasonal Fairy has 18 new prizes - one for each giftbox you may have in your collection.

27th: The Chibs, Doyle, Flab, and Osafo can now wear the Recycled Costume and the Addow, Bolimo, Crindol, Daisy, Nino, Oglue and Vixen can wear the Defective Costume. It seems that now Christmas is over, the citizens of Marada have stopped bringing Borak enough frozen items to keep making snow! While it's raining, Carol Singing obviously can not continue. The Arinya, Fasoro, Gonk, Kidlet, Kronk, Osafo, Phanty, Rusty, Troit, Viotto, and Zoosh can now wear the Thunder Costume. This costume has joined the growing list of costumes that ALL 77 pets can now wear!

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Previously on the Cover (November 2019)

November Recap

Murfin shaved

"Something fishy is going on here!"'

1st: The Transumption Temple and Transvaluation Temple have been updated. The Crindol, Daisy, Feliz, Figaro, Newth, Paffuto, Speiro and Straya are now wearing the updated Mummy Costume.

3rd: The Tableaus Temple has been updated. The Lottery has been updated. There are 26 new Enchanted Snow Plushies and 26 new Snow Plushies that can be won as bonus prizes whenever you buy a ticket.

4th: The Cup Shuffle game has been updated with brand new artwork. There are also 6 new item prizes to be won. There a more rewards for Gold and Silver Players. Wise Walee and Zetzilla now select 4 random pets per day instead of only one. This is one pet for bronze players or higher, one for silver or higher and two for gold players. There are also new options that may be selected every Saturday. Double Plushies at the Plushie Machine is available for bronze players and higher and Double Plushies at the Enchanted Plushie Machine is available for silver players and higher.

5th: The Artist is the newest addition to Lush Lake.

6th: The Plastic Surgery feature in Enpiah has 20 new noses available for your doll. The Echlin, Gonk, Ike, Pucu, Renat, Tantua, Walee and Zoink are now wearing the updated Mummy Costume.

7th: The Addow, Arinya, Basil, Gobble, Grint, Limax, Rusty and Tantua can now wear the Recycled Costume. The Dentist feature in Lowlyhood has 17 new mouths available for your doll - 10 mouths for the Private Dental Insurance Map and 7 for use with a Dentist Coupon. Dentist Coupons have been added to the Queen Eleka, Sultan and Tooth Fairy prizes. 14 of the oldest mouths have also been updated with new artwork. In addition, something strange is happening here. A Maradan Heat Wave? In November? Balderdash!

8th: The Historian is the newest addition to Simeria.

11th: Players who have completed all 30 Stamps for the Biala Mountain page of their album can now receive 10 new item prizes, a medal for their profile and 25,000MP. The Stamps shop in the City of Marada now has 22 new stamps on sale.

12th: A new Enpiah Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new Enpiah themed items, a retired Enpiah Costume and either a Enpiah Enchanted Plushie or Enpiah Potion. This set is on sale until December 22nd.

13th: Players who have completed all 30 Stamps for the Games page of their album can now receive 10 new item prizes, a medal for their profile and 25,000MP.

14th: The Osafo, Paffuto, Poera and Pucu can now wear the Leopard Costume.

15th: The Currency Exchange feature in Vortex Park has been updated. It has new artwork and a brand new design that will make it much easier to use. We have also updated Maramail, Alerts, Friends and Feeds with our brand new design!

19th: The Addow, Arinya, Astro, Basil, Ercuw, Kronk, Reese and Zetlian are now wearing the updated Mummy Costume.

21st: The Basil, Decadal and Gizmo can now wear the Enpiah Costume. Anagram Sam in Dukka Caves has been updated.

23rd: H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G !

24th: Gobbles can now wear the Camouflage and Floral Costumes and the Mummy Gobble has been updated. One of our oldest features, the Dukka Town Scratchcards has been relaunched. It still costs a Two Dukka Coin to buy a scratchcard once per hour, or 30 minutes with the Scratchcards Giftbox but almost every thing else has changed.

26th: The Gobble is back again this year - just in time for Thanksgiving! These new, random Gobble Enchanted Plushie and Potions are at the Account Upgrades Shop. They will automatically retire December 10th.

29th: B L A C K F R I D A Y

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Previously on the Cover (October 2019)

October Recap

Huthiq witch (1)

Fresh stew! Go on, have a bite! You earned it!

4th: The Transubstantiation Temple and Transuranics Temple have been updated, the Zetlian can now wear the Splatter Costume, and fifty of the oldest Stamps have been updated with newer artwork.

11th: Thank you to everyone for their patience the past week or so. As you probably noticed, Marapets had over a week of loading problems, which caused a lot of weird glitches. Several of our hard disks broke at the same time and the disks they failover to were not as fast as we're used to. To avoid any problems we've had in the past, we closed right away and tried our best to find the best long term solution and install/prepare everything in 48 hours. It took nearly 69 hours but I had to have some sleep ha! We had plans to move away from all of our last remaining SATA disks (even at 15K RPM they are still so much slower and less reliable than SSD) but they were only here as back up. The plan was to move all of our servers from Canada to the UK in 2020 and replace it then once our Canada lease was up. Last week changed all of this, as we needed Marapets fixed ASAP. We've now extended the lease in Canada for another 24 months and completed all of the upgrades we had planned for 2020 in Canada. Marapets has been hosted in North America for the past 15 years because the majority of players are from there and it meant a faster site for those players. These days, with Cloudflare and fibre connections, it makes very little difference and is more of a hassle to have everything so far away from us. Don't worry if that made no sense to you, all that matters is that a) we have new hardware and software now and hopefully, we'll be good now for many years and b) it was a total success and we should be running the best we ever had. We will start our Halloween events as planned shortly. Those who changed their pets to Midnight for free training should keep them midnight - midnight is a Halloween theme costume and it will be included in Halloween free training. The Basil, Paffuto, Reese, and Tantua can now wear the Thunder Costume and the Double or Nothing game has been updated with brand new artwork.

13th: The Worm Digging game in Gigantic Paradise has been updated. The game now has new artwork, a nicer design and higher MP prizes.

16th: M A R A W E E N S E A S O N H A S S T A R T E D

20th: The Undying Fairy has been updated with new artwork. Our first and oldest game, Open Graves, has new artwork to replace the 15 Years+ artwork and the MP prizes have been improved.

22nd: The Decadal, Fasoro, Feliz, Lorius and Ushunda can now wear the Midnight Costume and the Grave Robbing game in Undying Woods has been updated/

23rd: The Witch Costume was first released in October 2006 in Account Upgrades and the costume has been retired and forgotten about ever since. A new Witch Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new witch-themed items, a retired Witch Costume and either a Witch Enchanted Plushie or Witch Potion. This set is on sale until November 30th.

29th: A new set of limited edition Halloween items are now on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop and the Undying Minipets feature has new art work.

30th: The Mummy Costume is the latest costume to be revamped. The Mummy Mordo, Nino, Oglue, Quell, Rofling, Rusty, Sybri, Tasi, Viotto, Vixen, Xoi and Zoosh have been updated to match the new design.

31st: The Chibs, Flab, Leido, Murfin, Osafo, Troit, Ushunda and Yakubi are now wearing the updated Mummy Costume.

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Previously on the Cover (September 2019)

September Recap

Willa fairy

One day...oh glorious day!

We have introduced an new format of news: a monthly recap of what happened on Marapets!

1st: The Arinya, Crikey, Daisy, Ideus, Justin, Kaala, Pucu, Raulf, Renat, Troit, Viotto and Zola can now wear the Checkered Costume.

6th: Our Maintenance is now complete and you should finally notice the difference. Marapets is 15 Years Old and is pretty huge in terms of content and data. Any small server hardware or software upgrade here is a massive undertaking but this was the biggest change in many, many years. We upgraded both the hardware, software and network MaraPets uses. It has taken months of hard work to make sure as much was done without closing the site and without much downtime or errors. MaraPets was still running on a version of PHP5 (released in 2012, supported until 2014) and although we have had many upgrades of hardware and software since then, we had to finally update everything and bring it to 2019! This meant much of the site had to be re-coded, servers needed newer operating systems and our newer database software required much of the site to be changed to be compatible. To update 15 years of MaraPets in less than 6 weeks was not easy! We would like to apologise for the last 48 hours of random Server Errors and issues some players have had. In hindsight we should have closed for longer - we estimated how much time we could complete the move in but didn't take into account how tired/bad we would feel doing it all so fast on very little sleep. The move is complete now and we should be running better than ever! It will still take another week or so to make sure everything is 100% working - MaraSites for example are still disabled - but it shouldn't be anything major now and we should be running better than we have ever. As always, we'd like to thank everyone for their patience while we made the move, those who helped test and the Account Upgrade buyers who have helped keep Marapets constantly improving. To celebrate the move, you can all visit the Vault and use the code I-LOVE-PICKLE-JUICE-LIKE-I-LOVE-SERVER-ERRORS to receive a FREE gift from us.

8th: The Zombie Arinya, Azul, Basil, Bolimo, Crikey, Echlin and Ercuw have been updated to the newer design of the Zombie Costume.

10th: The Astro, Azul, Gizmo, Hump, Huthiq, Lorius, Mordo, Nino, Phanty and Zoosh can now wear the Checkered Costume. Alerts have a new design and also allow you to browse and delete similar alerts. This should make it a lot easier for you to find important alerts and to delete the less important alerts at once. The MP, BP, RP, and AU Icons all around the site have been updated and have a newer design. The Transmogrification Temple has been updated with new artwork and when you complete it, it will also be easier to select the Limited Edition pet you would like.

11th: The Potato Chips Shop in Slater Park, which sells items for BP, now has 12 new items restocking. The Dalmatian Costume and Galaxy Costume have switched places. It makes much more sense for the Galaxy Costume to be from Ublish's Lair! The Zombie Crindol, Daisy, and Dakota have been updated to the new design. The Tooth Fairy and Rainbow Fairy have new reward prizes now for up to 60,000 Battles and 3,000 Transformations.

12th: Harpy has new prizes and now rewards each pet for up to 2,750 Magic Stats.

17th: We have improved the way the site layout handles Pages. The new system is much smarter and fits better with the site design. It handles larger pages much better and is easier for those on mobile to use. There is also the option to enter and skip to the exact page you need to find by entering the number at the beginning. This was a huge update, editing many old parts of the site so if you find any places where pages exist and the page isn't working as it should, please let us know in Help Forums. The Straya can now wear the Headless, Love, Negative, and Rainbow Costumes. We have updated the artwork for Bagels - some of the oldest items on the site.

19th: The Crikey can now wear the Light Costume and the Champion minipet is available in 6 new colours. The Potato Chips Shop in Slater Park, which sells items for BP, now has 12 new items restocking.

20th: The Slater Stalker quest in Slater Park has been updated. Her shop also has lots of new items on sale for Stalker Points that you earn from her quest. The Chibs, Gizmo, Gobble, Hump, Justin, Kronk, Phanty, Willa, Zetlian, and Zoink can now wear the Love Costume. This means that all 77 pets can now wear this costume!

24th: The Voodoo Costume is the latest costume to be revamped. The Voodoo Ercuw, Fasoro, Tantua, and Troit have been updated to the newer design. The Decadal and Huthiq can now wear this costume. Remember, you can win this costume from The Fates mission.

25th: The old Sushi items have all been updated to newer artwork.

26th: The Basil, Dakota, Fasoro, Feliz, Ike, Jessup, Sindi, Speiro, Yakubi and Zoink can now wear the Checkered Costume. This means that all 77 pets can now wear this costume!

27th: Summer is nearly over in Marada but the Apollo, Kissy, Pyri, Spoopy, Sugarmites, Dapurtle, Kuork, Scorpi, Sue and Yoop minipets can now wear the Ball of Summer Yarn. We have a new Summer Layout - we finally have all 4 seasons in Marada! We have also changed the site's layout - it's much wider now and the 'reminder' box has moved. It will take a few more months for the whole site to be finished but we're working on hard on making Marapets more responsive so that it fits better and is easier to play on all browsers and devices. This means you may experience misaligned or messy pages here and there as we make the switch. If you notice any that are e, please let us know on the Help Forums. The Ice Cream Shop has six new items restocking. The Tombola drink prizes have been updated. They are now gourmet items and there are 12 new items to be won.

A new Midnight Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new midnight themed items, a retired Midnight Costume and either a Midnight Enchanted Plushie or Midnight Potion.

29th: There seems to be a lot of confusion recently about changes to the Marapets Layout. Over the next couple of months, Marapets will be becoming more Mobile Friendly. Players on mobiles, tablets, and desktops will all be able to play Marapets just as easy as each other. For the past 15 years, we've been 100% made for desktop computers. It has taken us many years to gradually change the site so that it works well on mobile. Some of these changes are already here but many are not. When it is finished, hopefully by the end of the year, it will be clear why we have been making changes around the site. Until then, there may be the occasional misaligned text, some text that is too big, some that are too small, random white space, etc. None of this should affect the way that Marapets can be played - the site will still work as it should, it just may not look it's best. If you find any parts of the site where the design makes it difficult to play, please report it on the Help Forums. In the meantime, please be patient with us - the end result will be worth it! Basil can now wear the Baby Costume and the Minipet Astro has been updated to the newer design.

29th: The CDs Shop in Ziranek has 42 new CDs restocking. Treat your pet to some of the latest music in Marada right now, with classics from Selene Dion, Hick Jagger, Meltin John and Susan Doyle and newer albums from Demi Plushato, Piggy Azalea and Justin Beaver. The artwork for 13 of the oldest CDs has also been updated.

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Previously on the Cover (August 2019)

August Recap

Bolimo light (1)

You feelin' lucky, punk?

We have introduced an new format of news: a monthly recap of what happened on Marapets!

1st: The Gobble, Jessup, Lati, Murfin, Osafo, Poera, Raulf, Renat, Tantua, Troit, Vlad and Zetlian can now wear the Sewers Costume. This means that all 77 pets can now wear this costume!

3rd: A new Light Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new light themed items, a retired Light Costume and either a Light Enchanted Plushie or Light Potion. This set is on sale until September 22nd. You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Ercuw Plushie or Potion. There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Ercuw instead of Azul, Bolimo, Jessup or Xoi.

9th: Our new Time Machine has opened in Vortex Park.

10th: There are new rewards for players who complete certain levels of the Progress Goals. Every Saturday, one of the following new perks is randomly selected for Bronze, Silver and Gold Shield players.

11th: There is a new way to earn Recycle Points - from recycling these new Used Newspaper and Used Magazine items that you will receive every time you read a Newspaper or Magazine item to one of your pets.

15th: Marapets is 15 Years Old!!!! We're officially in our 16th year of existence and while our 2 new 15th Birthday Party events maybe are familiar, we have so much new stuff on the way!

27th: MaraPets will be down for Scheduled Maintenance later this week. We have been working for months preparing for this move so that it is as smooth as possible. We are moving to new, faster servers with new versions of operating systems, PHP and database software. Our current database server has an internal operating system glitch which at times, makes us crash. There isn't anything we can do about it apart from reboot once it happens, but there isn't always someone online to do it. It happened today and as I was asleep and missed it, we had over 2 hours of downtime. This is one of the many reasons for the move but those who have been temporarily moved to the new system this week to help test have all noticed how much faster the site is! We will keep you updated and give plenty of notice before we close and we estimate that the maintenance would take 6 to 12 hours. All 77 pets now have the updated Mutant Costume design - we hope you like the changes!

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Previously on the Cover (July 2019)

Jumpin' July

Knutt staff

See the other blogs for details!

The action has been fast and frenzied at this year's Summer Event, but alas, like all good things, it has come to an end. Huge thanks to all for such a spirited outfit that has turned out to be among the best yet. See you again next year!

The winners of this year's Band Camp have been announced. Congratulations to Marching Band and their legions of loyal supporters. Now that the results are out, you can view your final personal rankings as well as visit the grand opening of this year's Prize Shop. Enjoy!

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Previously on the Cover (June 2019)


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Keeping this timeless is going to be tricky...

Our new summer event will start midnight June 1st. All players are automatically invited to join a Band Camp. Bandleaders have put you into either a Marching Band or Ro--er, Glam Metal Band and will start giving you challenges to complete right away. There are over 30 different types of challenges you could be asked to complete - including collecting vinyl records, marching around Marada, going to band practice, defeating spirits [that possess the villagers of You-Cylinder to become Perilous Pals] by playing instruments at full force, and playing Does Anyone Know the Lyrics?! You will earn a point for your team-- er, band after you complete each challenge and you may also win an MP or item prize. All prizes retire at the end of the event.

There are 30 different badge--I mean, grammies for you to collect - one for each day in June. Complete 20 or more challenges each day and you will receive the grammy. After you complete all the required challenges, you may complete more to advance your team and earn prize shop points. Earn all 30 grammies for a Gold Trophy on your profile, 20 for silver and 10 for bronze. The more grammies you earn, the more prizes that will unlock for you to win. This means that a small amount of the item prizes can only be won from players who earn 20 or more badges!

At the end of the event, the winning band will receive extra bonus prizes - so keep earning points for your band! There will also be prizes for the top 100 players who earn the most points and the Bandleaders will also randomly give Account Upgrade Credits to 10 random team players who receive a grammy each day.

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Previously on the Cover (May 2019)

Look What's Changed at Marapets

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Sir/Madam, have you seen all of the Changes at MaraPets?

There have been too many updates to the site recently to list them all here so this is just a quick update of some of the major ones. We have changed the way that future Account Upgrades are released, starting with the newest Spring Set. Each set will come with a choice of either an Enchanted Plushie or a Potion.