Pronunciation: Nooth
Pet Kind or Species: Banded penguin (Spheniscus)
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Newth is a standard penguin pet that is one of the original site pets often blamed for the mishaps and subject to many humorous remarks in the news as the "Maintenance Newths". The Newth is featured in the following activities: the Medicine Shop, the Simerian Antiques, and the Newth Racing game where one bids for the winner. Check out Biala Mountain if you want to try it out for yourself!

Revamps: The Newth was redrawn three times: on 18th October 2005, on 11th April 2011, and on 15th January 2017. The first and second ones had that Pingu-like dopiness to them in different colours. The third one makes the Newth resemble a real penguin, with bright and dark feathers, webbed feet, and a cheery smile. It is in a pose similar to its Chinese form.

Official Description: Newths love the water and fish. They can often be found balancing flubs on the ends of their nose and catching them in their mouths in one gulp. The Newth hidden agenda is to take over Marada.

Trivia: Their hidden agenda may be a reference to the belief that some penguins are evil. This is further supported by the mask-like markings they have around their eyes, which give them an appearance of a burglar - especially in their Prison form.

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Newth (No. ??)


Newths in the News & around Marada

Newths have been the subject of fun remarks since the site's opening! Newth in the News.png SuperheroNewths.png

Newths featured around the site: Newth Nurse, Snot Newth, Frozen Food/Ice Cream Shopkeepers, Newth Racers, Newth Knight, Newpurt, BP Banker, Newth Kids on the Block, Community Organiser, and Newths At Work.


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