Nutty Tree


Marapets Description: Nuts have always been important in the manufacture of chocolate and candy. The Nutty Tree has more than enough nuts to fill the needs of the chocolate and candy makers in Candyland. If you visit the Nutty Tree and some nuts fall off you can keep them...

You can visit the Nutty Tree for FREE once every 4 hours. Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comment: Nuts are used to feed the Staff Knutts in the Knutt House. The Coconut was also moved from here to the Fruit Shop.



Nutty Tree

Nutty Tree Prizes

Nutty Tree Prizes

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Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from winning nuts from Nutty Tree.


Nutty Tree Giftbox

Use this item and you can use the Nutty Tree feature twice as often forever. Visit every 2 hours instead of 4 hours.

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Mara Community has a Nutty Tree Automator at their site, included in a program entitled MaraMagus.

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