Pronunciation: Og-loo
Pet Kind or Specie: Goblin/Ogre
Date Introduced: 20th May 2006
Description: The Oglue is a limited edition goblin pet that you can earn from completing the Troll's mission. Oglues are known for their art skills and voracious appetite, as can be seen in Oglue Lunch and Greedy Gertrude.

Revamp: In its first form, it looked more humanoid, like the drawings/paintings of old. It was revamped twice: on 19th August 2012 and 7th February 2017. In the Oglue's latest form, its nails are actually sharp, its mane goes down all the way to its tail, and is seen in a slouching position.

Official Description: These pets are known for their great skill at cave paintings and are the artists of Marada. Despite their clumsy appearance, they are one of the more graceful pets.

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Oglue (No. 32)


Oglues around Marada

Two Oglues are featured around the site: The Troll and Greedy Gertrude.