About the Osafo

Pronunciation: Oh-sah-foe
Pet Kind or Species: Peacock
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: The Osafo is a standard pet that bears a striking resemblance to a peacock and also share similar qualities to songbirds. They have a prominent role as the Contest Osafos and Tweetly, the mascot of MaraPets' Twitter page. It received a revamp on 9th January 2017, giving it much more dimension. From a design standpoint, though, little had changed about it.

Official Description: These delicate little birds have beautiful singing voices and can be heard all over Marada at dawn welcoming the new day.

Trivia: Its name sounds close to Pavo, the genus of its real-life species.

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Osafo (No. ??)


Osafo around Marada

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