Pronunciation: Puh-foo-toe
Pet Kind or Species: Barracuda
Date Introduced: Prehistoric
Description: A Paffuto is one of two standard fish Marapets, with the other being Equilor. Despite being based on an animal that normally inhabits water, Paffutos can have a tendency to appear outside of Minipet Island and Jenoa. It was revamped on 23rd September 2013 to have a barracuda's build as it was the least popular pet and in the most need for a redraw. There is 1 DNA Minipet that can be cloned with this pet.

Official Description: A relative of the goldfish, these pets love swimming around in circles. Please do not worry if your Paffuto is upside down in its tank, it just got dizzy!

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Paffuto (No. ??)


Paffutos around Marada

One Paffuto is featured around the site: Corporal Knifejaw.


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