Personal Trainer

Marapets Description: Training your pets in the Gym and Elite Gym can be a long and painful task. Meet Brad. He is Lush Lake's best Personal Trainer. He has been training some of the best Olympic athletes for years and some of the top battle opponents got their skills from him! Simply bring him the Sports items has asks for and he will reward your pet with either stats or MP.

Additional Comments: Please note that this is a rather expensive quest to complete. The items that this quest asks for are available at the Olympics Shop[1], conveniently located near Brad.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/personaltrainer.php

Brad the Personal Trainer

Trading Card

Personal Trainer Trading Card

Brad the Personal Trainer is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place his Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle him.

Personal Trainer's Specifications:

  • TBA

Personal Trainer (Enemy)

If you're lucky, you can get one from the Personal Trainer Quest. You may need to do hundreds of quests to get it, but it depends on luck.
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Personal Trainer Avatars:


Win a stat from a Personal Trainer Quest.


Win a bonus stat from a Personal Trainer Quest.

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