Pet Exchange


Marapets Description: The Pet Exchange is where you can safely send one of your pets to another user. You are only permitted to sell your standard pet (pets that are not limited edition or restricted species) by Pet Auction, and you can trade them safely at the Pet Trades.
To start an exchange, simply enter a player's username or choose one of your friends and select the pet. If the player accept a pet you send them, they claim full ownership of your pet and they will have to pay the MP fee below. All pet exchanges are final. If you want to remain the owner of a pet and are only lending it to another player, you should use Pet Lending to make sure your pets safely return to you.

Additional Comments: There was a 1,000MP fee that both players had to pay if they wanted to start an exchange. Also, once a week, players could earn Pet Exchange Points that they could then spend at the Boosters Shop.


Pet Exchange: Introduced 15th January 2006


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