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Description: Pets are an important part of the MaraPets game. You cannot even play without owning one pet. Each person can own up to 13 pets without Extra Pet Giftboxes. Pets on this virtual pet site are just like the pets you would find offline - you have a responsibility to take care of them. You should regularly feed a pet when it's hungry, give it a drink when it is thirsty, and play with it when bored. Pets can randomly catch diseases that need to be cured. If a pet is neglected, left sick, or is starving, you will receive warnings to look after and heal it. If it continues to be neglected it will die to Undying Woods. Click on any of your pet's names to make it your default pet.

More Information: Standard pets are healthy and their habitat is not threatened, thus they can be created at any point. Limited Edition pets are rare and limited. Restricted pets are ultra-rare and severely limited. Their natural habit in Marada is severely endangered. Much like Limited Edition pets, you may be able to earn them through the game but Restricted pets from Account Upgrades are released less often than them, usually a maximum of once per year.

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To create a new pet page, click on the existing red link, type this into the page {{Subst:Marapet}}, and then save. As you can see, you have activated the pet template! Now you can go back to edit the page and include the details for the pet you want to talk about; mainly all you need to do is change what it says on ALL CAPS, then add the name of the image of the pet you want to talk about. The pet's images are easily found here. If you mess something up, you can begin the page once again by deleting everything and typing {{Subst:Marapet}} again.
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Extra Pet Giftbox

Use this item and you can gain one extra pet storage forever! You can use a maximum of 87 of these Giftboxes.

Pet Stats Giftbox

Use this item and you will be able to select which of your pets will earn the random stats around the site.


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