Fake Pirate Costume

The Pirate Costume is a retired costume that was formerly available from the Referral System and its Shop for 125 Referral Points and was re-released for the March 2020 Account UpgradesPut this costume on certain marapets and it will make it look like a pirate! Pirate pets are moss green with a red spotted bandanna, black feathered hat, peg-leg, hook, eye patch, and a sword or bomb. First mates and swabbies wear a red striped shirt and brown trousers and captains get a brown jacket, red trousers, and treasure chest.

Pirate Pets


  • I'm going to cry. I love them all so much. More please?
  • The Willa is incredible! Also love the Rofling. In fact, it's the first Rofling I've really liked and definitely want to have one!
  • PIRATES YES! One of my favorites that I wished had more pets that could wear it!! Now I'll get some for sure!!
  • Love these, liking my Reese's upgrade! I do agree though, the old Basil pose was near perfect. If that could be recreated to match this new art, I think most people would be happy with it! Now that I'm thinking of it... I'm thinking the grog was intentionally removed from the Basil's art, just like the bottles were removed from the Trash Fairy... which I get, but still a little sad to see it go...

Ball of Pirate Yarn

Ball of Pirate Yarn

Dukka Caves Goals

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