The Pixie Costume is a retired costume that was introduced in July 2007 Account Upgrades and was given a revamp nine years later. Putting this costume on certain marapets will turn it into a pixie! Pixie pets are pink with antennae, a magenta headband, thin wings, and a tutu. Old Pixie pets had roses, flower crowns, magenta butterfly wings, a yellow wand, and a pink gown.


Pixie Pets


This costume has received major backlash from fans, basically saying they are unrecognizable and more ballerina than pixie (even though some pixies in fiction have the wings of these updated pets). The headbands and dragonfly-like wings make the new Pixie pets insect-like and because of the tutus, they really do just resemble ballerinas now. Buying 3 to get the Enchanted Pixie Lati Plushie and being thankful not to have to use a support ticket was the best part of this upgrade. "This AU is too pink" says the player with all Skater pets.

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