About the Poera

Pronunciation: Po-ear-a
Pet Kind or Species: Snake, more specifically a milk snake
Date Introduced: 26th January 2006
Description: The Poera is a Limited Edition snake pet that is available through Tarquin's Library. Poeras can be dressed up with some of the following Costumes: Anime, Eleka, Witch, Ice Fairy, Chinese, Halloween, and many others (see slideshow)!

Revamp: It received a revamp on 12th January 2017, giving it a sinister look to match the former Error Poera.

Official Description: These slippery snakes look a lot scarier than they actually are. They like a lot of attention from their owners because other pets tend to be scared of them and they get lonely.

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Poera (No. 29)


Poeras around Marada

The Poera is featured in several activities around the site: Tarquin, Lipsticks Shopkeeper, Kevadra Trading Card, Gigantic Paradise Goals Host, RP Banker, Venomous Victory, and Poera Prey.

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