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Marapets Description: Welcome to the Enpiah Operations Portal. Enpiah is full of the latest illegal technology from Ziranek but this has to be the most advanced web portal! It was built initially to operate on sick, dying pets but something went wrong. Now, it is abandoned in the distance of Enpiah. This portal can do long term changes to your pet - including changing species, colour, and stats! 

You can use the Operations Portal for FREE once per day.

Additional Comments: If you have been to a web site like Neopets you probably are familiar with the "Secret Laboratory Ray", which changes the appearance of your pet and even sometimes gives stats to make your pet stronger in battle. Marapets has a FREE portal which does just that. If you need a feature that changes your pet, but also requires a map to complete, Foxfire PondSewer Pipes, Venomous Victory, and Whirlpool all have lower odds of changing your pet. Even the Vortex Park Reservoir gives your pet transformations without risk of changing its species.

WARNING: The portal can permanently change the color and species of a pet to something you might not like. You'll need to get costumes, enchanted dipsenchanted plushiesessences, or potions to modify your pet once more, or wait for the portal to turn them to something satisfactory eventually.



Operations Portal: Introduced on 24th September 2005; Updated on 26th July 2014

Portal Pets

Some pets you can get from the portal (hover over for Easter eggs):

Gobble defective

Addow doll

Gonk doll

Walee jinn

Rusty calico

Mordo lightfairy

Dakota invisible

Leido underwater

Rofling lightning

Osafo cartoon

Sindi jinn

Tasi safari

Kaala punk (1)

Crikey cartoon

Kidlet goblin

Figaro desert

Eyru robot

Chibs fat

Zola dragon

Kronk slime

Nino valentine

Arinya gothic

Ercuw minipet

Snookle tornado

Tantua punk (1)

Jessup prison

Figaro snow

Yakubi british

Zoink halloween

Poera desert

Walee fancy

Walee bootleg

Ushunda enpiah

Straya fairy

Kujo villain

Other related things from the Portal



Use this item and you can use the Operations Portal twice a day forever.


You get this randomly from having your pet turn into a Bronze pet at the Operation Portal or Whirlpool.


You get this from having your pet change into a Digital Equilor at the Operation Portal.


You get this randomly when using the Operation Portal.


You get this randomly from having your pet turn into a Rainbow pet at the Operation Portal during a Rainbow.


You get this randomly from having your pet turn into a Space pet at the Operation Portal.

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