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Marapets Description: At the end of the rainbow in Gigantic Paradise sits a gigantic pot of gold. It is filled with items donated by the generous people of Marada. Poor and looking for some free items? Come here and try to get some gold of your own then!

Additional Comments: The Pot of Gold (or POG) is located in Gigantic Paradise. Users can donate items into the POG by going to their Inventory, then clicking an item and select "donate". Everyone can get items from it. There is only one restriction, you can only pick up a Rarity 5+ item every 60 seconds. There are certain holiday events in which the Pot Of Gold has been used to give away free items. In holidays like the Marapets Birthday or Saint Valentine's Day, and Halloween! These events are always announced in the news and they may last anywhere from one week to one month.


Items You Could Only Get From The POG

Some Pot Of Gold Exclusive Items:


Plastic Heart Arrows (Retired)

Book ghost

Ghost Tales Book (Retired)

Stamp 4years

4 Years Stamp (Retired)

White heart valentine


Choc mash kisses

Chocolate Mallow Kisses

Avatars You Get From The POG

Pot Of Gold Avatars:


Donate any item to the Pot Of Gold.


Donate any item with the word "black" in its name.

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