Potions Shop

Marapets Description: Buy the potions that you need from this shop. Find this shop in Dukka Caves. Most of the stock you will come across will be the standard species of pets with nothing more than colour variances; however, be quick and you may find a rare potion. This is the first shop in Marapets to restock items up to Rarity 40! Obviously, it will only restock items of rarity 31-40 very, very, very, rarely; you probably won't personally ever get to see a rare Limited Edition or Restricted Pet potion restock. But good luck to anyone who ever catches one!

Items from the Potions Shop in Dukka Caves:


World Dukka Caves
Currency Marapoints
Shop Keeper Chibs
Released Perhaps site's opening date or shortly after.
Shop URL

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