Potions Shop

Marapets Description: Buy the potions that you need from this shop. Most of the stock you will come across will be the standard species of pets with nothing more than colour variances; however, be quick and you may find a rare potion. This is the first shop in Marapets to restock items up to Rarity 40! Obviously, it will only restock items of rarity 31-40 very, very, very, rarely; you probably won't personally ever get to see a rare Limited Edition or Restricted Pet potion restock. But good luck to anyone who ever catches one!

Items from the Potions Shop in Dukka Caves:


World Dukka Caves
Currency Marapoints
Shop Keeper Chibs
Released Perhaps site's opening date or shortly after.
Shop URL http://www.marapets.com/shop.php?id=34

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