Undying Woods Pet Pound


Marapets Description: (Disown) You want to Disown a Pet? Really? You travel all the way to the dark side of Marada to pay 5,000MP for us to keep your poor Marapet in a cage! What if it cannot find a new owner? Well ok... if your sure about it then. We do not promote the idea of abandoning your pets. Pets you wish to adopt cost a small amount of MP, and our charges for feeding and caring for them. IMPORTANT - when you disown your pet, anything equipped to it (such as weapons or minipets) will be disowned too. Once your pet is disowned, you may never get it back. You can only Disown a Pet once every 24 hours

(Adopt) You enter the cage and there are these sad, disowned pets. Please take a moment to view the pets and see if you would like to Adopt a Pet. The cost depends on its level, strength, defence, speed, books, dvds, cds and mini pet equipped. So, if the pet is rather expensive, you know it was a well trained and cared for pet, before it was disowned.

Additional Comments: With Pet Trading readily available 24/7 without restrictions, the Maradan Pet Pound is never quite busy at all. You'd be lucky to find one pet here! MP Generator Trick: Adopt a pet, then disown it. It will net you a cool 500mp! RamZilla made a Marapets Pet Auto Adopter, and released it on his site Mara Community.


The Pound Fasoro

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