Marapets Description: The Maradan Prison is where pets are confined when they have committed a crime (such as being caught using illegal items, Grave Robbing, or with illegal jobs), but not paying your electricity bills at the power station will definitely send one of your pets to prison. If your pet is in prison below, you will have two options: 
  • You can pay the 2,500MP fine to free your pet but it will change to a Prison coloured pet
  • You can bribe the prison guard, Corporal Knifejaw, with 15,000MP and it will leave prison unchanged.

Additional Comments: YOU CAN FIND THE PRISON GUIDE IN THE SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR TIPS ON HOW TO PREVENT YOUR PET GOING TO PRISON. From March 27th 2017, whenever any of your pets are freed or bribed out of Prison they will now be counted on your pet's profile, which will help with the 25 to Life avatar.



Corporal Knifejaw's Prison

Other related things to Prison

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from freeing a Feliz pet from Prison.


You get this from viewing your Prison pet when its prison stat is 25 or more.

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