Prize Drop


Prize Drop: Replaced One in a Million on 3rd May 2020

Marapets Description: The stadium is full and the crowd is watching, waiting patiently for your move. Which hole at the top will you drop the ball from? There are ten different balls to play with, each with a different weight and speed they'll drop. For example, the Beach Ball is painfully slow to drop but has better prizes, the Bowling Ball is so heavy it drops so fast you could blink and miss it if it didn't smash all of the pieces on its way down! There is even a Bootleg Ball that stops and gives you a very creepy stare as it falls! Watch in suspense as the ball drops down to the prizes at the bottom. The first prize (first from the left) is either a Millionaire Plushie or Enchanted Millionaire Plushie from the Prize List. The second prize is a random Gym stat for one of your pets. The third prize is nothing, while the fourth prize position is a random, smaller amount of MP. The fifth prize slot is a random School or University stat. Land in the sixth prize slot (the one far right) and you'll win a higher prize of MP - will you win 1,000,000MP this drop?

You can play Prize Drop for FREE once every 16 hours.

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