Marapets Description: In the quiet country village of Puchalla there is a small public house, the Puchalla Inn, where passers-by wander in for a social drink and snack. Opened in May 2009 by Claude the bartender, it was taken over by his daughter Claudia in December 2019. She now runs it by herself and needs your help keeping the bar packed full of drinks and snacks for her customers. Bring her drinks, such as Soft Drinks and Coffee, and snacks from the Diner and she will reward you with MP. While completing a quest here, your pet will become more outgoing and sociable, and could receive a Charisma stat.

Additional Comments: While this quest may be a quicker way to get Charisma, it may be even more costly than the School.



Claudia's Puchalla Inn

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You get this from completing 400 Puchalla Inn Quests.

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