Welcome to Puchalla Village

Marapets Description: Puchalla Village is a quiet and peaceful haven, where many marapets have chosen to live in a friendly village community. The fresh food shops here are very economical and sell local produce, and if you're in a shopping mood you can explore the user shops which sell everything from cheap food to the most rare and expensive items in Marada. If you're tired after a long day you'll find this is a good place to relax and socialise in the evenings as it's only a short walk from your house over to the clubs building.

Additional Comments: This is where marapets and characters go to retire, which explains the Cartoon pets. Marahomes were also here, but they eventually got removed.

Link: http://www.marapets.com/village.php

The Rustic Puchalla Village

Old Puchalla Village Maps


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