Pronunciation: Poo-coo
Pet Kind or Specie: Cockatoo
Date Introduced: 13th May 2009
Description: Pucu is a limited edition cockatoo pet, and the first of the four new pets to be released in the same month along with the Ike, Gizmo, and Flab. You can get a Pucu chiefly by completing the Pirate Mafia mission in Dukka Caves.

Revamp: It was revamped on 9th January 2017, making it much more feathery and re-positioning its wings to hide its leg.

Official Description: This pet is wonderful at imitating all the sounds of Marada. Although the Maradan police have been known to try to banish them on several occasions after they have mimicked the fire alarm in the Town Hall.

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Pucu (No. 53)


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