Pumpkin Hunt


Marapets Description: The Undying Woods Pumpkin Patch is busy all year round growing pumpkins in time for the annual Pumpkin Hunt. Ed, Ted, Fred, Dead, Wed, Dread, Unwed, Shred, and Misread the patch scarecrows take turns protecting the pumpkins. As you browse and play the site as normal, there is a chance that a Pumpkin will show somewhere on the page in an orange box. It could be anywhere on the page so you will need to look out for it. When you find the pumpkin, you click on it and you will receive a prize. These prizes are listed below. You may also win a Pastel Costume! The 250 different players who collect the most pumpkins will receive 1,500,000MP and a limited edition Trading Card. The next 250 will just get the Trading Card. In most years, 10 random players who will collect 100 pumpkins or more will win £10, 15 will receive £5 and 20 players will receive £2 Account Upgrade Credits!

Additional Comments: Anyone caught adding fake pumpkins to their profile, signatures, clubs, or anywhere else on the site will have their account frozen for the rest of Halloween and be fined for doing so. The main prize for helping the Patch Scarecrows is being able to feed any pet any Pumpkin from the Pumpkin Hunt Prize List and a Capsule Machine Token. There are 20 levels that you will earn this reward, they stack and will be saved to your account to use whenever you choose to. Whenever you earn the 'Feed your pet any Pumpkin' reward from completing a level, you can visit the Pumpkin Patch game page at any time to redeem this reward. You will be able to choose which pet and any Pumpkin from our past Pumpkin Hunt events from this Pumpkin List. You will not receive the item but your pet will eat it and it will be added to their Gourmet Food Collection. You will also earn any Hidden Avatars or other rewards that you would normally receive from eating the item.

Avatars From the Pumpkin Hunt

Pumpkin Hunt Avatars:

Pumpkinhunt - RETIRED Acquired from Pumpkin Hunt 2007.

Pumpkinhunt07 - Feed any Pumpkin from the 2007 Pumpkin Hunt to your pet.

Pumpkinhunt10 - RETIRED Acquired from Pumpkin Hunt 2010.

Pumpkinhunt2012 - RETIRED Acquired randomly during the 2012 Pumpkin Hunt event.

Pumpkinghost (1) - Have a Pumpkin Ghost Trading Card in your Deck then view Deck.

Pumpkinwiz mini - Make a Pumpkin Wiz plate at the Ferris Wheel.

Pumpkinhunt2013 - RETIRED Acquired from clicking pumpkins during Pumpkin Hunt 2013.

Pumpkinhunt2014 - Random when feeding any Pumpkin from the 2014 Pumpkin Hunt to your pet.

Pumpkinhunt16 - RETIRED Click on 100 or more pumpkins during Pumpkin Hunt 2016.

Pumpkinviolin - View your pet's Instruments when it has learned level 10 Pumpkin Violin.

Fallingpumpkins - Add the Falling Pumpkins Stamp to your Stamp Album.

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