Quack Mafia


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Official Description: Storm Maranormous struck Vortex Park at the quack of dawn and Marada's most violent criminals, the Quack Mafia, escaped the Penitentiary. These robber duckies are violent, notorious pearl thieves and need stopping. Shoot as many as you can while they pass the duck tape police tape and earn points. A duckload will also have coins. Waddle we do with them? Coins upgrade your shooting accuracy. Shooting the bombs will cause a firequacker and lose points. Quack! There's no time to quack jokes - the game ends when time is up.

Coins will be saved to your account every time you complete a game and send your score. Your coin balance never expires and you can spend your Coins on upgrades in the game. All upgrades are reset on the 1st and 15th of each month. Earn 1MP per point. Here is the Prize List.

Additional Comments: The Quack Mafia was introduced as temporary replacements for Wild Minipets. Unlike the others, the ducks in the Mafia are all R25. Quack Mafia is the second Arcade Game since it was released on 26th February 2020. You'll get an avatar from scoring 2,000+ and sending score! The next day, with the Penitentiary back open and the remaining Quack Mafia being stopped, their attacks will no longer happen randomly as you play. There is one place in Marada still safe for any duck - Heckles and his duck pond in Slater Park! If you find the black duck, you will be attacked by the Quack Mafia.

Link: https://www.marapets.com/quackmafia.php

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High Score Rewards

Win one of these rewards each time you send these scores in Quack Mafia




Level 1

Score 2,000 or more

Quack Mafia Cupcake

Level 2

Score 2,100 or more

Quack Whistle

Level 3

Score 2,200 or more

Quack Mafia Game

Level 4

Score 2,300 or more

I Fought the Law

Level 5

Score 2,400 or more

Quack Mafia Jelly

Level 6

Score 2,500 or more

Quackers Wanted Poster

Level 7

Score 2,600 or more

Quackula Wanted Poster

Level 8

Score 2,700 or more

Cheese N Quackers Wanted Poster

Level 9

Score 2,800 or more

Officer Quack Wanted Poster

Level 10

Score 2,900 or more

Quackpot Wanted Poster

Level 11

Score 3,000 or more

Quack Sparrow Wanted Poster

Level 12

Score 3,100 or more

Quack the Ripper Wanted Poster

Level 13

Score 3,200 or more

Sir Quackers Wanted Poster

Level 14

Score 3,300 or more

I Shot the Sheriff

Level 15

Score 3,400 or more

Quackers Plushie

Level 16

Score 3,500 or more

Quackula Plushie

Level 17

Score 3,600 or more

Cheese N Quackers Plushie

Level 18

Score 3,700 or more

Officer Quack Plushie

Level 19

Score 3,800 or more

Quackpot Plushie

Level 20

Score 3,900 or more

Quack Sparrow Plushie

Level 21

Score 4,000 or more

1 Level Stat for a random pet

Level 22

Score 4,100 or more

Quack the Ripper Plushie

Level 23

Score 4,200 or more

Sir Quackers Plushie

Level 24

Score 4,300 or more

1 Charisma Stat for a random pet

Level 25

Score 4,400 or more

Police Tape Belt

Level 26

Score 4,500 or more

Ripping Yarns

Level 27

Score 4,600 or more

1 Magic Stat for a random pet

Level 28

Score 4,700 or more

Quack Mafia Gumball

Level 29

Score 4,800 or more

Police Tape Wrap

Level 30

Score 4,900 or more

Quack Mafia Glowing Egg

Level 31

Score 5,000 or more

1 Health Stat for a random pet

Level 32

Score 5,100 or more

Quack Mafia

Level 33

Score 5,200 or more

Quack Beak

Level 34

Score 3,500 or more

1 Strength, Defence or Speed Stat for a random pet

Level 35

Score 5,400 or more

Police Tape

Level 36

Score 5,500 or more

1 Coordination, Stamina or Balance Stat for a random pet

Shoot the Fatty


Description: Shoot the Fatty was an Arcade Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: Use your mouse as your target to shoot the Fattys with your paintball gun as they appear. The more Fattys you blast, the more points you will earn to help you reach the 150 points needed to access the next level. This game has 3 colourful levels through the Dukka Caves, Gigantic Paradise and Enpiah for you to practice your paint shooting skills. (No Fattys were harmed during the making of this game.)

MP Ratio: 3MP per 2 points scored

Avatar: Players would get an avatar from sending score after only shooting one Fatty.

Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20140404202049/http://www.marapets.com/games/flash_game_1008.php


Shoot the Fatty cheat marapets-0

Shoot the Fatty Cheat

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