Queen Eleka

Queen Eleka's Loyalty System

Queen Eleka's Loyalty Service: Released February 5th 2012

Marapets Description: Queen Eleka was the evil ruler of the dark side of Marada. King Baspinar took control when she lost the Minipet Island War of 2007, and she has been locked up for five years, leaving her world derelict. Queen Eleka then convinced the King to release her by stating that she is no longer evil and to prove it she will also give out Loyalty Prizes to all citizens of Marada, just like King Baspinar does. While the King rewards your loyalty based on how long you have been playing Marapets for, Queen Eleka will count the number of unique days you have visited Marapets, starting from when the Queen Eleka Loyalty system started. There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards. However, just a week later, with the help of her loyal minion, the Dark Fairy, she again declared war on the Light Side of Marada and managed to win. Defeated and exhausted, Baspinar admitted defeat and retreated. Eleka was prepared to declare herself the unopposed ruler of Marada until the Sultan showed up and threw a wrench in her plans. With her funds depleted, support wavering, and army thoroughly ripped apart, she was unable to fight against this new opponent and has since slipped back into the shadows. She has been gradually regaining her power, plotting her triumphant return to power. She secretly opened her Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry on June 1st, 2020. Over 85,000 enrolled and Marada now has over 10,000 newly graduated Wizards - with 5,614 graduating Silver and 2,011 graduating Gold. These wizards have finished with great pride, a renewed loyalty to the Queen and the highest levels of dark magic... helping to bring life back to Eleka's Castle. She's making her comeback...

Queen Eleka also gives you a FREE Loyalty Raffle Ticket every day that you visit Marapets for this Weekly Raffle. Visit Marapets every day of the week and you receive 8 raffle tickets. Winners are announced every Wednesday. Here are the awards: 

£25 Account Upgrades Credit


Two Hundred and Fifty Dukka Coin 

Loyalty Rewards List

Queen Eleka Loyalty Prizes
Account Age Prize
2 days
Mp (2)
5 days
Food queenloyal
Poison Berries
7 days
Cd queenloyal
Evil Songs
14 days
Pearl queenloyal
Queen Eleka Pearl
21 days
Mp (2)
30 days
Dvd queenloyal
Queen Eleka
60 days
Boost queenloyal
Queen Eleka Booster
90 days
Staff darkfairy
Staff of the Dark Fairy
120 days
Mp (2)
150 days
Card sprite
Sprite Trading Card
180 days
Stamp queenloyal
Staff of the Dark Fairy Stamp
210 days
Ticket dentist
Dentist Coupon
240 days
Villainsofmarada book
Villains of Marada Book
270 days
Possessed shield
Possessed Shield
300 days
Evil smoothie
Evil Smoothie
330 days
Possessed potato
Possessed Potato
1 years
Possessed knife
Possessed Knife
390 days
Eleka yoyo
Eleka Yo Yo
420 days
Poison berry pie
Poison Berry Pie
450 days
Jinx minipet
480 days
Possessed gumball
Possessed Gumball
510 days
Mp (2)
540 days
Contacts snake
Snake Contact Lenses
570 days
Waist Cincher
600 days
Female poison
Poison Queen Costume
630 days
660 days
Shirt poison
Skull Shirt
690 days
Mp (2)
2 years
Basil superhero
10 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
750 days
Bronze Potato Chips
Bronze Potato Chips
780 days
Bandeau top
Bandeau Top
810 days
Mp (2)
840 days
Marapop floral diet
Diet Floral Marapop
870 days
Dragon Glowing Egg
900 days
Basil superhero
12 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
930 days
Zipper dress
Zipper Dress
960 days
Mp (2)
990 days
Phantom stamp
Phantom Stamp
1,020 days
Basil superhero
13 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,050 days
Zeso Wig
3 years
Mp (2)
1,110 days
Untamed Raulf Trading Card
1,140 days
Mp (2)
1,170 days
Nightmare Glowing Egg
1,200 days
£1 Account Upgrade Credit
1,230 days
Baspinar Castke Potato Chips
Eleka Potato Chips
1,260 days
Basil superhero
14 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all of your Pets
1,290 days
Mp (2)
1,320 days
Dark Journal
1,350 days
Mp (2)
1,380 days
Raulf superhero
10 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
1,410 days
Mp (2)
4 years
Game queeneleka
Queen Eleka Video Game
1,470 days
Mp (2)
1,500 days
Pho queeneleka
Queen Eleka Photo
1,530 days
Mp (2)
1,560 days
Raulf superhero
12 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
1,590 days
Mp (2)
1,620 days
Fake Eleka Costume
1,650 days
Mp (2)
1,680 days
Raulf superhero
13 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all of your Pets
1,710 days
Mp (2)
1,740 days
Wide Brimmed Hat
1,770 days
Mp (2)
5 years
£2 Account Upgrade Credit
1,830 days
Queen Eleka Sugar Cube
1,860 days
Mp (2)
1,890 Days
Balloon queeneleka
Queen Eleka Balloon
1,920 Days
Mp (2)
1,950 Days
Murfin superhero
8 Level Stats for all pets
1,980 Days
Mp (2)
2,010 Days
Book queeneleka
Queen Eleka Rule Book
2,040 Days
Mp (2)
2,070 Days
Cartondrink queeneleka
Queen Eleka Juice Box
2,100 Days
Mp (2)
2,130 Days
Snookle halloween
Magic Stats for all pets
6 Years
Mp (2)
2,190 Days
CD queeneleka
Queen Eleka Anthems
2,220 Days
Mp (2)
2,250 Days
DVD TaleOfThreeYoYos
Yo Yo Yo
2,280 Days
Mp (2)
2,310 Days
Murfin vampire
8 Health Stats for all pets
2,340 Days
Mp (2)
2,370 Days
Glowingegg dark
Dark Glowing Egg
2,400 Days
Mp (2)
2,430 Days
Gumball queeneleka
Queen Eleka Gumball
2,460 Days
Mp (2)
2,490 Days
Murfin superhero
9 Level Stats for all pets
7 Years
Mp (2)
2,550 Days
Icecream queeneleka
Queen Eleka Ice Cream
2,580 Days
Mp (2)
2,610 Days
Pancake queeneleka
Queen Eleka Pancake
2,640 Days
Mp (2)
2,670 Days
£3 Account Upgrade Credit
2,700 Days
Mp (2)
2,730 Days
Snookle halloween
9 Magic Stats for all pets
2,760 Days
Mp (2)
2,790 Days
Pearl queenelekahorns
Eleka Horns Pearl
2,820 Days
Mp (2)
2,850 Days
Murfin vampire
9 Health Stats for all pets
8 Years
Mp (2)
2,910 Days
Sugarcube queenelekastaff
Eleka Sugar Cube
2,940 Days
Mp (2)
2,970 Days
Basil superhero
15 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all pets
3,000 Days
Mp (2)
3,030 Days
Raulf superhero
15 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all pets
3,060 Days
Mp (2)

Description (Minipet Island War): With the light side's shops closed for all of the dark siders, the ongoing war is causing huge economic problems for the dark side, which relies on many of the goods on sale in places such as the City and the food grown in Gigantic Paradise. To help give her minions the goods they need to fight this war, Queen Eleka is giving out quests for items that are sold on the light side. If you bring them to her, she will reward you with War Points. If the dark side is to win this war and capture Mini Pet Island, we need YOUR help!


Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Marapets Description: Queen Eleka has revealed the first phase of her new secret plan. This traces back to before his majesty's Palladium Jubilee celebrations when oil was seen gushing from the ground just outside of Biala Mountain. This could be seen for many miles and was blocking the beautiful view of Marada from the King's castle. While most of Marada quickly forgot about it, the King could not and he traced it back to the Yeti family. Queen Eleka heard of their discovery and instead of pushing forward with her sardine oil assassination plot, she will Mine Marada for all of its oil, using it to rebuild her castle and ultimately, reclaim her power. After the Yeti family drank all of its supply, the Queen effectively decided to finally open her top-secret Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry to the public from June 1st. With so many Apprentice Wizards in Marada, now is the time for wand practice.
News academy

You will magically be sorted to join either Hocus PucusSpellcasting SnooklesEnchanting Ercuws or Levitating Latis

As you play Marapets, you will be given challenges to complete. Complete 20 challenges per day to earn your badge. The more badges you earn, the more prizes you will unlock. Prize List includes new Spells and Magic Stats. The more challenges you complete, the more prizes you will win and earn points for your team. Earn 10 badges for Bronze, 20 badges for Silver, and all 30 for a Gold Medal. With four teams this year, there will be different prizes for the teams that come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and special rewards for the players who earn the most points. 

6th June: Queen Eleka's secret Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been open for almost a week now and King Baspinar is starting to find out small pieces of information here and there. Will he find out and close it down? For now, he only knows that it has something to do with magic so he demanded the immediate closure of Mining, restricting the supply of the minerals needed for magic to happen. As the Yeti family continues to Mine Marada of its oil, the ants of the Gigantic Paradise Ant Hill are being forced closer to the surface. It's no secret that a huge society of ants lives in under Marada but until today, very little has been known about it. Seven of these ants have been caught and domesticated as Bug Minipets. 7th June: With the King hiding away in his castle, the residents of Marada are taking on the Wallop infestation themselves. Whenever you see a Wallop appear from a mole hole - give it a whack Wallop!

20th July: Queen Eleka announced the winners of her Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry as she introduced her new castle to the rest of Marada.

First place goes to.. Enchanting Ercuws... AND... Hocus Pucus!!

Yes - there were actually joint first place winners! Hocus Pucus spent 12 days of the event in first place and Enchanting Ercuws also spent 12 days at the top. When the final scores were in, they were so close that we tried many different ways to calculate the winner (as each team had slightly different numbers taking part), but each time they were too close to make the final decision. Both teams earned over 675,000 points each and even when we calculated averages per player it was 62.52 vs 62.49!

First and second place prizes will be won by both of these teams and the 3rd place prizes will go to the Levitating Latis! Unfortunately, the Spellcasting Snookles came in 4th place and will not receive any team prizes. Remember, there are also different prizes for the players who earn the most points regardless of what team they are on!

Congratulations to all winners! We will let you know in the news shortly when you can claim your prizes. We hope you enjoyed a truly magical event!



Trading Card

Card eleka

Queen Eleka's Specifications:

  • Base Health: TBA

Queen Eleka's trading card was a prize from the War Shop during the 2012 Battle for Marada.
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