About the Quell

Pronunciation: Kwell
Pet Kind or Species: Otter
Date Introduced: June 2005 Account Upgrades
Description: The Quell is a Limited Edition otter pet. Ever since its first appearance, it was re-released for the August 2006 Fat & Robot, October 2007 Nefarious, May 2009 Anime & Sparkle, June 2012 Underwater, December 2014 Tundra, and June 2019 Musical AU Sets. To celebrate the Quell's revamp on 8th May 2016, random Quell Potions and Enchanted Quell Plushies went on sale a month later in the Account Upgrades Shop.

Official Description: The Quell loves rivers and is often found making dams in the Maradan reservoirs, unfortunately halting the water supply.

Trivia: The Error Quell was a part of the Report a Glitch Event.

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