Quest Items? What are they?

Almost ANY circulating item in the Marapets database can be a Quest Item and some retired items as long they're cheap on the Shop Search. A Quest in Marapets is a game that requires you to search for certain items and you need to bring them back within a time frame. Quests usually ask for 1 to 3 items that can sometimes be easily found in the Marapets main shops. When the main shops are out of the item you can use Shop Search [1] to find the item in another user's shop.

This is an example of the items that may be asked for in quests. Some of these items may also be asked for in Missions as well. To see the items relative to missions, take a look at this page.



Description: Toys are very useful in many ways, you can give them to your pets to play with for happiness, and to add to their toy collection. Toys are often asked for in many quests, but the one quest that will ask for the most toys is the Santa Claws Quest [2] of Biala Mountain.

Plushies, and Enchanted Plushies are obtained from the Plushie Machine in Slater Park

Toys Shop Link:
Plushie Machine Link:

Toy rockinghorse

A Marapets Toy: Rocking Horse



Description: Candies can be fed to your pets when they are hungry, and they happen to be a very popular quest item. Specially to the Candy Tree quest [3] in Candyland north of Chocolate River.

Candy Shop Link:

Candy gummy doyle2

A Marapets Candy: Red Gummy Doyle

Candy Fruit

Description: Candy Fruit are possible Candy Tree prizes ranging from 10,000MP-280,000MP on the Shop Search.

Candies fig

Candy Fig



Description: Chocolates are requested by almost every quest in the Marapets game, and it is perhaps one of the best items to restock. The Candy Tree [4] in Candyland north of Chocolate River loves to ask for chocolates too.

Chocolates Shop Link:

Choc feliz milk

A Marapets Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Feliz



Description: Marapop cans are good for giving energy to your pet when it gets tired. They are also a very popular item in many quests (like Hump Racing). When you feed a marapop can to your pet, you get an empty marapop can that can be recycled to get wonderful prizes at the Recycling Centre [5]. The Tombola can give you some unlabeled marapop drinks, which are very popular too.

Soft Drinks Shop Link:

Drink cola

A Marapets Marapop Can: Cola Marapop

Computer Parts


Description: Computer parts are used for many quests, but mainly for the Computer Repair Quest [6] in Ziranek. Computer quests are useful for earning magic for your pet which is useful for healing in the Battle Arena.

Computer Parts Shop Link:

Comp keyboard

A Marapets Computer Part: Keyboard

Car Parts


Description: Car parts are often asked in many quests, but mainly you will specifically be asked for car parts in the Garage Quest [7] of the City of Marada.

Car Parts Shop Link:

Car sparkplug

A Marapets Car Part: Spark Plug



Description: Batteries are used for the broken Robots[8] over at Ziranek. Batteries are expensive, costing over 10,000MP in the Batteries Shop.

Batteries Shop Link

Battery small black

A Marapets Battery: Black AA Battery

Cooking Utensils


Description: Cooking Utensils are asked for in Microwave quests over at Ziranek, and they are a reward for completing Borak's Brew Quests [9] of Nimbus.

Microwave Link:



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