Rain is a reoccurring weather event. During the November 2019 Heatwave, Borak decided to rally up everyone to bring him frozen items to make it snow again. In the beginning, however, supplies were scarce and it rained instead.

​​​​​4th December 2019

Heatwave items are not retired but now that it's raining and not a heatwave in Marada, they are not currently available. If you haven't already noticed, Marapets has a new rainy layout and the Cleaning Products Shop also has a new shopkeeper!

Completing a level on any Mission during this rain and you'll win one of these new Umbrellas for your Wardrobe.

The Books, CDs, DVDs and Video Games Shops all have a 2 for 1 special on all items to help you keep your pets entertained inside while it rains.

The rain has made the Lake in Lush Lake flood. For your own safety, you cannot currently visit.

With Lush Lake flooded from the rain, the Coffee, Contact Lenses, Hair Dye, Lipsticks and Olympics Shops are all closed.

With the miserable rainy weather outside, pets are concentrating better at School, the Gym, Elite Gym, and University and earning Double Stats.

Pets are all working harder at their jobs as it rains outside. This means there is TRIPLE the chance of receiving a Job Promotion random event and DOUBLE the chance of the promotion actually being given by your pet's boss!

This rain has the residents of Marada doing a lot more indoor activities, like Shopping. But it also is a chance for Shopkeepers like you to increase your shop sales and the amount of items you have on sale! Upgrading your Shop Size is currently Half Price!

And finally, Queen Eleka will be giving out extra FREE Loyalty Raffle Tickets for players who fill up and price their own Shops. While she won't reveal her secret formula, the more new items you add and price in your Shop, the more extra tickets she will give out!

5th December 2019

Another day of Rain on what should be the start of Elfember. The residents of Marada have quickly adjusted to these conditions and there is some hope now that Borak can make it snow in time for Christmas!

The Rainy Costume was first released in March 2011 in Account Upgrades and the costume has been retired and forgotten about ever since. A new Rainy Account Upgrade Set has been released, with 7 new Rainy themed items, a retired Rainy Costume and either a Rainy Enchanted Plushie or Rainy Potion. This set is on sale until January 10th. You can choose if you would like the main prize to be an Enchanted Rainy Plushie or Potion. There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Snookle instead of Azul, Fasoro or Feliz.

6th November 2019

It's the third day of Rain in Marada and Borak still isn't getting enough frozen items to make any snow. He needs more help!!

There are other ways for your pets to wrap up in this Rain. Twelve more Mummy Pets have been updated to the new design.

As you all know, the Rain has totally flooded Lush Lake and forced the shops in this world to close. The flooding has been a nuisance for players looking to fill their pottery at The Lake as it's also closed for safety reasons. A local resident who ignored these warnings and visited anyway was heard saying It should flood more often - it's never looked so good!

While the Rain has most of Marada staying inside, these Bugs are actually going outside! You can catch these now at the Crevice in the City Sewers.

The Rain has also been washing a lot more trash into the City Sewers. Visit the Trash Heap and you may win one of these new prizes.

When is Elfember starting? MonSOON!

It's going to take more than a little Rain to stop the Christmas Elf!

8th December 2019

Wet from the Rain? It doesn't matter at the Jenoa Scratchcards! Another of our oldest features has been relaunched. We have changed the price of these from a Five Dukka Coin to 2,500MP! There were originally 8 different Jenoa Scratchcards and now there are 10.

9th December 2019 BREAKING NEWS

Borak did it! You all brought him enough frozen items to make it snow!! The Rain has ended. Elfember can happen, for now... and we have SO much to look forward to! Will the snow last until Christmas? This will all depend on how many frozen items you continue to bring to Borak!

27th December 2019 BREAKING NEWS

Since it seems that now Christmas is over, the citizens of Marada have stopped bringing Borak enough frozen items to keep making snow! While it's raining, Carol Singing obviously cannot continue.

The Arinya, Fasoro, Gonk, Kidlet, Kronk, Osafo, Phanty, Rusty, Troit, Viotto, and Zoosh can now wear the Thunder Costume. This costume has joined the growing list of costumes that ALL 77 pets can now wear!

10th January 2020 BREAKING NEWS

Borak has had such a negative response from the residents of Marada, he has stopped trying to change the weather. Hours after he stopped, the Rain has returned. The Rainy Account Upgrade that was supposed to retire today has been extended by a week. The Chibs, Decadal, Hump, Leido, Renat, and Xoi can now wear the Rainy Costume.

For those who missed it last time it was Raining in Marada, the events from above are happening again.

13th January 2020

Day 3 of Rain in Marada and poor old Gladys from the Charity Shop almost blew away trying to tell residents all about the changes at her shop. She now restocks many more items each time and she can stock items that are up to Rarity 20 now instead of 10. Be sure to check by and grab a bargain!

Much like Gladys' umbrella, these pets are now Defective.

16th January 2020

We've had 6 days of Rain in Marada and some residents are getting used to being underwater. For a limited time only, the retired Underwater Treasure Chest from 2012 is back on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop. It will automatically retire again on January 31st.

There are other ways for your pets to wrap up in this Rain. Twelve more Mummy Pets have been updated. This means all 77 pets now have the updated design!

22nd January 2020 BREAKING NEWS

After a week or so of rain, it's slowly stopping and the sun has come through, creating a beautiful Rainbow.

8th May 2020 BREAKING NEWS

After a recent period of calm, moderate weather conditions it has now started Raining in Marada - just as our scientists predicted! The last time Marada had rain, it sadly developed into the destructive Storm Maranormous. Could this be the reason for King Baspinar's self-isolation? Does he know something that we do not?

From this point onwards, whenever there is Rain in Marada the following happens:

The rain has brought with it stronger winds, causing the Windmill to spin faster and generate more electricity. You will be guaranteed to gain a stat for your pet from it and all electricity bills will be FREE at the Power Station.

While you wait for the bad weather to pass, why not play our Puzzle Games? All games with a Daily Raffle will have double winners for each prize! For example, the Solitaires' raffle now has two winners of £5 Account Upgrade Credits and four winners of £2 Account Upgrade Credits.

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