After the rain, comes a Rainbow! As of 22nd January 2020, the Rainbow Fairy informs us that a rainbow in Marada lasts around 6 to 24 hours usually but she thinks this time it'll be around for about 48 hours or 72 hours at the most! What happens when there is a Rainbow? Well...

All Rainbow Pets will receive FREE training at the Gym and Elite Gym and FREE lessons at the School and University.

Whenever there is a rainbow in Marada, the Operations Portal, Whirlpool, Vortex Park Reservoir, and Foxfire Pond are guaranteed to change your pet's colour, species or both!

The Account Upgrades Shop has a 2 for 1 promotion on all DNA items.

With all the beautiful colours in the sky, Drew doesn't need any more colour! He will only ask for the colour white, which is the default for every player. This means you can complete his quests without the Glowing Egg collection requirement.

(As of 20th May 2020) Play a game of Colours during the rainbow and even if you lose a game, you will still be a winner! Win, draw or lose this game and you'll get 2,500MP and a random colour Transformation for one of your pets.

The Leprechaun is busy chasing the rainbow. You'll have to wait until this rainbow leaves to complete his quests.

The Costumes, Contact Lenses, Eye Make Up, Face Make Up, Fake Costumes and Hair Dye Shops all have a 2 for 1 special on all items.

Complete a Farming quest and if you win a Ball of Yarn you will receive 2.

And finally, if your minipet can change colour, it will change colour when it rides the Fasoro Falls.

23rd January 2020

Whenever the rainbow appears, the retired Rainbow Treasure Chest will be back on sale at the Account Upgrades Shop. It will automatically retire again when the rainbow leaves Marada.

24th January 2020

Sadly, the Rainbow in Marada has faded away. Luckily, these rainbows may appear whenever we've had a period of Rain in Marada. Can't wait that long? A new 'Marvelous Rainbow' experience has been released. Can you find it?