Pronunciation: Ralf
Pet Kind or Species: Thylacine/Saluki
Date Introduced: 26th April 2015
Description: The Raulf is a restricted thylacine pet that has a stripe running from its head to its large ruffle covering its pouch. Much like their now-extinct counterparts, Raulf has canid-like characteristics, as can be seen in its Cotton Candy, Halloween, Moonlight, Splatter, and Zombie Costumes. (Its ears, paws, and tail are even fluffy, in reference to landrace dogs such as the Saluki.) You can get a Raulf through Account Upgrades. It is only released every 2 years. It was introduced as part of the Dragon AU of May 2015 and was then released in the July 2017 Anime and September 2019 Fairy AU Sets.

Trivia: Its name can be a corruption of T. cynocephalus.

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