Pet Name: Reese
Pet Kind or Species: Koala
Date Introduced: Perhaps site's opening date Aug 15th 2004 or shortly after.
Description: The Reese is a koala pet known for its spoon-shaped nose. There are Reese at the Balloon Shop, Charity Shop, and Charms Shop. You can create one at any time.

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Reese (No. ??)

Official Description: Reese are known to cling onto things and never let go. They can be found in Marada hanging onto anything from trees to lamp posts with a grip of iron.


  • In the early years of Marapets, Reese were sometimes mistaken for Knutts due to their similar ear shapes.

For a list of ALL costumes available for this pet, go here.

Reese around Marada

Reese featured around the site: Balloon Shopkeeper, Charity Shopkeeper, Charms Shopkeeper, Pirate Ship, Bank and others...

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