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Marapets Description: With the Referral System, you'll redeem some very rare prizes (including a Rofling, Mugen, and Kleptome Trading Card) for getting new members to sign up and play Marapets. (The new member has to click on the URL link to the site, giving us the details of who is signing up. If the person you have referred is not already a member, your referral total will increase. Signing up many times will not work!)


Regular Contributors:

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The referral URL above is what you need to give to other people to visit Marapets. It will then automatically record that you were the most recent player that they were referred by. If they have never been referred by another player before and haven't played Marapets in the past 90 days, they will count as being referred by you.

Additional Comments: Feel free to add your Referral URL here. You may also add people who gave you credit. Anyone who tries to redirect the credit for a link that's labeled with someone else's name will have their link removed. Do not delete someone else's link unless their account is frozen. Every player has their own unique Referral URL to give out to other people. If they visit Marapets using this link you will be rewarded if they then play Marapets. The more people you refer and the longer that they play, the more Referral Points you will earn! You can spend these in the Referral Shop.


Mara's Referral System

Referral Points

How to earn Referral Points
Referralpts (1).png

Referral Point

You will earn 1 Referral Point every time a player, who has not played before, creates a new Marapets account that they verify and play with, after visiting Marapets from your referral link. They will forever count as being referred by you.
Referralpts (1).png

Referral Point

You will earn 1 Referral Point every time a player, who has not played Marapets for 90 days or longer, comes back to playing Marapets after visiting us from your referral link. This will only work if they have not been referred by someone else before.
Referralpts (1).png

Referral Point

Once you have referred a player from one of the two options above, you will continue to receive an extra 1 Referral Point every unique day that the player logs in and plays Marapets. Follow your referrals at the My Referrals page and help players you have referred to know their way around. The longer they play for, the more you will earn!
Referralpts (1).png

Referral Points

You will also earn 2 Referral Points for 3 Levels a player that you refer completes at the Marapets Progress. The further they progress on Marapets, the more you will be rewarded!
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Referral Points


AU Credit

Once you refer a player to Marapets, they will forever be marked as referred by you and you will continue to earn Referral Points for as long as they play for each day they play. If the player ever buys Account Upgrade Credit, you will receive a one off bonus of 25 Referral Points. 

You will also receive a £1 Account Upgrade Credit reward for every player you refer that purchases Account Upgrade Credits. You will only receive this bonus once per referral.

Referral Shop

Items from the Referral Shop in Dukka Caves:

You can View All Items on sale here.


World Dukka Caves
Currency Referral Points
Shop Keeper Mara
Released 21st October 2017
Shop URL

Referral Banners & Cards


Below is a gallery of Referral Banners that we have listed with the name below each one, specially adapted for your referral link. If you own a website or have space online which accepts html, simply add one of these banners and when they are clicked on, if the person registers with Marapets, you will get rewarded!

Below are Referral Cards that you can print off an give out to people. Click on one of them for a printer-friendly version, which should print 12 on an A4 piece of paper, depending on your browser and printer. Please use Print Preview before printing.

Print them off, cut around the dotted lines and then give them out to people. Your username does not show, it shows your unique user number, so you can stay anonymous too! You can refer people you know without them even knowing its you!

Each time a new person signs up from your referral card, you are rewarded a referral point to win tons of cool prizes!

Printer Set Up

Mozilla/Firefox: Page Setup > Options > Print Background

Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Printing > select "Print background colours and images"

- Click on the card you would like for a printer-friendly version -


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