Pronunciation: Ren-att
Pet Kind or Specie: Frog
Date Introduced: 25th November 2006
Description: The Renat is a standard frog marapet that was first introduced in November 2006. It has a crest on its back that was a leftover from its tadpole stages. Its skin is redolent with spots, as well as swirls on its cheeks, which were absent in its first iteration. It was revamped twice: on 1st August 2014 and 8th February 2017, setting it in a position in which it's just about ready to hop. For its third form, Renats would have a much easier time tying their shoes. Well, if they were wearing any, anyway.

Official Description: These little frogs are known to love jumping from great heights and landing suddenly on Maradans heads as they go past. They think it is easier to get a lift than walking!

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Renat (No. 37)

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