Pronunciation: Ren-att
Pet Kind or Specie: Frog
Date Introduced: 25th November 2006
Description: The Renat is a standard frog pet that was first introduced in November 2006. It has a crest on its back that was leftover from its tadpole stages. Its skin is redolent with spots, as well as swirls on its cheeks, which were absent in its first iteration. It was revamped twice: on 1st August 2014 and 8th February 2017, setting it in a position in which it's just about ready to hop. For its third form, Renats would have a much easier time reaching for their shoes.

Official Description: These little frogs are known to love jumping from great heights and landing suddenly on Maradans heads as they go past. They think it is easier to get a lift than walking!

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Renat (No. 37)

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