Marapets Description: It's a hard life being a Minipet! Every step you take around Marada, your Minipet has to take ten steps. You can show your Minipet how much you care with a stay at this luxury island Resort. You can stay here once every 24 hours for only 2,500MP. You will also receive a souvenir Minipet Plates with your stay.

Additional Comments: The Resort used to be a feature where you could pay for your Minipets to be looked after so that they didn't run away. This feature was discontinued when 'looking after Minipets' was removed, making this feature pointless. This feature has since changed on August 22nd 2017 to be another method of getting plates.



Resort: Introduced February 26th 2009

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Giftbox and Offer


Resort Giftbox

Use this item and you stay at the Resort twice as often forever. Stay every 12 hours instead of 24 hours.


Level 45 or higher players will receive Double Plates from the Resort - for life!

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