A retired item, site feature, game, or pet is something that won't be available again or obtained through normal means. When a retired item shows up in Check Price, it will say "Retired" in red text. The retiring items will be on display at the Retirement Planning in Puchalla Village. As we mentioned in the past, having over 22,500 of our 59,000 items retired (with their supply shrinking each day) isn't sustainable or fun. When we first started over fifteen years ago, retiring items forever seemed like a good idea because no thought was given then for a decade and a half into the future! Items will still continue to retire but its meaning has changed several times over the years. One thing that hasn't changed though is that once an item retires, it will never be re-released to be easier, cheaper or more readily available than when the item was first introduced! For more information, check out the Marapets Archives.



Retired Pets

News description (c. 16 July 2015): We have updated the Pet Colours so that every pet now says where it comes from and also removed the "retired" label had been removed on all limited edition/restricted pets. In the past, we had made the mistake of retiring pets for good. This was guaranteed, but with transformations, goals, etc, since then it makes no sense because it's confusing to 'retire' a pet that's still available in the Potions Shop, Plushie Machines, and Transmogrification Temple. Instead of having a retired label, AU pets have a date they were last released and a date that they will be released next. The original plan of retiring certain pets forever was to make them rarer, but it instead made them less popular and received fewer new pet colours. We hope you understand why this was changed and approve of the changes.

The following pets shown in this gallery have the location and retirement date below their pictures.


You Can No Longer Create Ushundas

9th October 2016

As of this date, The Ushunda can no longer be created. It is now a Limited Edition pet that is available from the game Sewer Struggle in the City Sewers. All Ushunda Potions have been retired from the Potion Shop. Plushie Machine and Operations Portal remain unchanged, however, the odds will change now that it is listed as LE pets.

Retired Costumes

There is a trend of Marapets re-releasing old costumes to either revamp them or turn them into a completely new one. For Account Upgrades, some revamped costumes retire sooner than normal (usually 2 weeks). This trend first emerged in 2012 when the Underwater AU was re-released but wouldn't go into full swing until 2015 when the Killer pets were revamped.

Credit goes to the Wayback Machine for these old pictures you're going to see below.


18th July 2015

Costume skinny.gif

The Skinny Costume was a costume that was sold at the Costumes Shop but was so old that Ian retired it. Skinny pets were scrawny, burgundy and orange; the costume shows its size as 0. This was considered the polar opposite to the Fat Costume until it got replaced by the Pampered Costume as a mission prize from Beast in the Woods in Foxfire Forest with the limited edition Astro pet available. Any skinny pets, potions, and photos Marapets users had automatically converted over to pampered pets. The "Skinny" Hidden Avatar will stay the same but it will require a pampered pet instead to get it.

News Description (c. 27 August 2007): Ever wondered what pets live in Lowlyhood? Well, it's Skinny Pets of course! Everyone knows that nobody in Lowlyhood eats! This new Skinny Costume is now restocking.

On the original News page, the three original Skinny pets were replaced with Pampered pets.


12th May 2016

Kamilah Costume

The Kamilah Costume was a costume that was first released in July 2010 in Account Upgrades. Kamilah pets were mostly influenced by Indian culture. They had been retired and forgotten about ever since, so it was re-released as the Desert Costume.


24th November 2016


The Pilgrim Costume was a costume that first released in November 2010 in Account Upgrades with the new Thanksgiving pet Gobble. Pilgrim pets were beige and wore the clothes that British people wore during the 17th century. The costume had been retired and neglected ever since because the staff do not commonly celebrate the holiday and was eventually turned into the Doll Costume.


12th January 2017

An army of geeks!

The Geek Costume was a costume that was first released in September 2008 in Account Upgrades. Geek pets were red with brown hair, glasses, an aqua shirt with a tie, a bucktooth, and green and yellow-striped pants. They were derived from the school geeks. They have been retired and neglected ever since because this costume was too similar to the School Costume revamp, so there was no point in having two similar costumes. As expected, it was never popular and the revamp has put all Geek costumed pets into the Fancy Costume.

There are some Maradans who liked the goofy Geek pets:


21st May 2017

Costume vortex.gif

The Vortex Costume was a costume that was first released in January 2009 in Account Upgrades. Vortex pets wore a green and yellow costume with gloves. They would also have green features as well (the feathers and beak on Vortex Gobble) and their body in a spiral. They are influenced by the vortex that wrecked Vortex Park. They have been updated and renamed as the Tornado Costume.


1st November 2017

What I saw... was beautiful.

The Hero Costume was a costume that was first released in November 2009 in Account Upgrades. It was based on either the Incredible Hulk or a bodybuilder; Hero pets were brown and tan and wore light blue pants. They were neglected ever since because the costume was never popular, unlike the source material, and thus all Hero pets were put into the Strobe Costume.


2nd November 2017

Costume puchalla.gif

The Puchalla Costume was a costume that was based on country bumpkins. Puchalla pets were brown with a straw hat, bad teeth, and blue overalls, reflecting the look of the Bumpkin in Puchalla Village. Because it was old, unloved and ignored, however, the costume was replaced with the Defective Costume.


30th November 2017

Now what are we going to do on Friday nights?

The Trailer Costume was a costume that was based on the people that hang around in trailers [in Vortex Park], depicted as wearing tank tops and denim shorts, holding Green Soda cans. Trailer pets were brown and olive. The costume was replaced with a new Galaxy Costume - with all 77 pets being able to wear it - because of the fact that the soda cans bear a slight resemblance to beer cans.


18th December 2017

Costume furry.gif

The Furry Costume was a costume that made pets cream and yellow-colored with messy fur over their eyes and growing in other places. It has been replaced with a new Dalmatian Costume as it was very old and too similar to the newer Hairy Costume

The Marapets that could wear the Furry Costume were: Chibs, Crindol, Doyle, Ideus, Kidlet, Knutt, Oglue, Quell, Walee and Yuni.

In our Furry Costume article, we said this: The Furry Costume is a costume available through Item Trades, the Item Auction HouseShop Search, etc. Fortunately for sellers (and unfortunately for buyers), this item falls between the 400,000-600,000MP mark, which is a decent amount of money, but not great.

Even though this item is quite old, Ian has still not made the item Retired.


3rd June 2018


The Explorer Costume was a costume that originated from the July 2008 Account Upgrades, along with the Light Fairy Costume. And with both Account Upgrades, you would receive 7 random pieces of the Simerian Explorer Treasure Map. Putting this costume on certain marapets will make them resemble the Simerian Explorer himself. Explorer pets had a beige hat with spectacles, a scarf, goggles, suit, and black shoes. Sadly, the costume has been retired and neglected ever since, so it was changed to the Safari Costume.


18th-22nd July 2019


The Mental Costume was a costume that was succeeded by the Staff Costume. Its place of origin was the Knutt House, which was fitting as those Knutts were mentally insane, performing acts such as cannibalism and joining the Adult Forums. Heck, others had their food provided to them through a tube! Ian decided that almost a decade after the quest's inception, it was time to remove most allusions to what happens in mental institutions (including renaming the costume). The Staff Knutt has been revamped. This change was due many years ago but other costumes were on the revamp list first! The rest of the staff pets will be revamped shortly and more pets will soon be able to wear this costume.

R.I.P. Spy Costume


The Spy Costume was introduced in October 2010 Account Upgrades. Putting this costume on certain marapets will make them a spy! Spy pets wore equipment (such as a pair of extra vision goggles, sniper rifle, walkie talkie, and bulletproof vest) like the spies from movies do. The costume has been retired and neglected ever since; we tried several different 'spy' options to revamp this costume - the Traps event was supposed to be a way to catch one of the King's spies. We already have Mafia, Detective, Ninja and a few other costumes that would be similar to any decent alternative to the spy costume and what does a spy look like anyway? A real spy wouldn't wear a spy costume, they'd want to be anonymous and blend in! We, therefore, decided to change this costume into the new Evil Clown Costume. This costume will be an approved Halloween Costume for next month's Trick or Treat event and Evil Clowns are coming to Marada....

Retired Locations, Shops, and Site Features


12th November 2009


Marauploads was the Marapets free image hosting service. It was available to anyone who had a Marapets account to host images for their marasites or forum siggies. The service proved to be more than Marapets could handle, and due to so many image hosting services available, it became obsolete.

Now what are we going to do on Friday nights?

Marauploads wasn't perfect either, the system was more problematic than it was worth. Sometimes it would be down, sometimes it wouldn't work properly. Later, and after about 4 years of existence on the 13th of November of 2009 Ian announced in the News, these words:

"RIP Marauploads - The FREE Marapets Image Uploads Service has been discontinued. Marapets simply outgrew the service, it became too expensive and unsustainable for us to provide a reliable and free image upload service to the number of players we have. We will be making changes to the site soon, allowing you to use images from other sites. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, but it will give us more revenue and time to spend elsewhere on the site!"


2nd February 2012

The Doll Maker was replaced with the Change Gender feature.


20th August 2012

Marapets listened to your feedback and complaints about the difficulty some of you have with the Referral System. There were 2 big changes. First, the old, closed Promote Marapets feature has been closed and removed for good now. The prizes are now restocking at the Smuggler.

The second change is that you can now receive referrals by bringing back Old Players to Marapets, as well as bringing in new players. You can use the same referral URL and send it to anyone you know that used to play Marapets and haven't logged in for more than a month. They will need to login and show some kind of activity. We cannot reveal too much information about what counts as a new or old player referred but staff manually process referrals and use all information we have available. It can take up to 14 days for a referral to be processed and you will not know if it has been rejected.

Promote Marapets was the quickest, easiest and most rewarding way of getting prizes and also helping Marapets at the same time. You were NOT rewarded per new member that joins, but for the different sites, you place our code on! Some of the prizes that you can only get from this are...

How did it work? Well, you selected one of the Promote Marapets codes, such as this one, and place it on a website, a forum signature, forum profile, website profile, etc.

You checked that it loaded how it should. Some sites do not allow PHP Images to be added, so you instead needed to opt for the 'No Images' option. Marapets' servers would automatically be told that you have added Marapets' link to a site and recorded it. Marapets' servers would regularly check the website you added it on to make sure the code was there and hasn't been changed. Once they verified it, you would be added to Marapets' Monthly Checklist prize draw for AU credit. The more sites you promoted Marapets on, the more chances you had to win!

Promotion Tips: You quickly and easily added your code to websites that you own(ed) (assuming you have one or not) or in signatures for other forums. If you didn't go on any, you could quickly (and legally) get permanent, free links. By just joining other forum sites, adding the link to your signature and posting 5-15 posts on their forums which are on topic and NOT SPAMMING meaning that your link would show on that site for a long time, earning you prizes every week! For example, going to the Directory and finding a category that interests you. When you have found a category, you then searched for forums. For best results, you could search for 'Vbulletin', 'Invision Power Board' or 'pthhpth'. It would then list possible forum sites. You could join them for free, add your signature and post on their forums (don't SPAM though!) about a topic that interests you! Every site you joined, the more websites your link would be on and therefore the more prizes you would make EVERY week for FREE! If you Promote Marapets often you would be granted a Promote Marapets Award for


your profile!


1st June 2014

Secret Blogs were released in 2004, long before Marapets had dress up characters (dolls). The last blog was released in 2012 and before that, it was about 5 or 6 years before another was released. They were difficult to draw and release, hardly ever used, and unpopular. They have all been retired and the new 'Experiences' feature will take their place.

Your character will now show up as the shopkeeper of your shop/gallery. You can still edit the colours and add a greeting for your character in your Shop and Gallery. You will also be able to have a different background for your Shop, Gallery and the rest of the site.

Decorate your shop with these secret blogs. All blogs must be found in the following order. Secret blogs can only be found if you have found all previous secret blogs.


19th August 2014

The Upstairs of Baspinar's Castle map is no more because it was old and pointless.

Lost Soul Description: "You are on the second floor of Baspinar's Castle. This is where King Baspinar is kept entertained because ruling Marada is a difficult job, and he needs to relax sometimes! Chill out up here at the Theatre, where the Phanty is always performing. Or you can gamble by playing some card games. You can also get the latest hairstyles for your Character here!"

Points of Interest:

  • Barber


The Barber and Salon have been combined into a new and improved Salon in Lowlyhood.

Please credit Marapets if you use anything from this page somewhere else!

Lost Soul Description: "Welcome to the best barbershop in town! We have lots of weird and wonderful styles we can try out on you while you are in the world of Marada. While exploring you should always do so in style! That's why for just one Male Haircut Coupon you can have one of these new fantastic styles shown below. Just select your coupon, select the hairstyle you want and then we'll do the rest! We have lots of hair types - you can choose hair loss or hair replacement!

Hairstyles are not always available, some will only show certain times but restock once every 25 minutes or so, so please check back soon. New hairstyles are added in the news regularly so keep checking there."

Complete the Premium Hair Treasure Map for access to FREE premium hair cuts.


9th January 2015

Google wallet.jpg

Marapets' approved payment solution for Account Upgrades, Google Wallet, had closed 1st March 2016 and was removed from the site beforehand. They have switched back to Paypal and would like to let you know of the following important changes:

  • Payments with Paypal are now processed INSTANTLY for all players. Even if you pay by bank transfer, once the funds have cleared your AU credits will be processed instantly.
  • Paypal will charge you in your local currency so you will know how much you are paying without any hidden bank charges.
  • All payments will show as "PAYPAL ACCOUNT UPGRADES" or "PAYPAL AU CREDIT" on your bank statement without any mention of Marapets.
  • You do not need a Paypal account. You can pay by credit or debit card as a guest.
  • You can buy AU Credits with a Pre-paid Visa, Mastercard or American Express with Paypal on sale in many local supermarkets.
  • You will receive 10% extra FREE credit with Paypal just like Google Wallet
  • They have a new Account Upgrades Promotion with Paypal!

Clothing and Footwear Shops Merge

2nd October 2015

The next phase of the Dress Up Dolls work has been completed. The Male Character has been redrawn. It is very similar to the female doll now, allowing us to draw unisex clothing and accessories a lot easier in the future.

The main changes are:

  • Male Characters can now wear all of the female hairstyles and vice versa for females. The Salon will be re-coded when we have redrawn all hairstyles.
  • Wigs will only show the female version for now. We will eventually update them so that the masculine versions are available too. Please be patient! They will be unisex soon so that you can have either the male or female version of every wig.
  • All Male Clothing & Footwear has been redrawn and is now unisex. Female characters can now wear all of the male clothing - you will see it in the new Unisex Clothing wardrobe category. 
  • Male Costumes are currently disabled. We are still working on redrawing them to be unisex and fit the new doll. 
  • We had to remove all Male Selfies so that the new system is moved over. We are really sorry about this.

All new clothing items in the future will be unisex. Once we have completed the transition to the new male doll, we will go back to fix all female clothing so that male dolls can wear them. We hope you like the changes!


10th October 2016


The VERY OLD Memory Upgrade feature in Ziranek has been removed because it had been totally pointless since the MaraUpload feature was terminated a very, very long time ago (see above). It remained in place because of Ziranek Goals but this level has now changed to "Restock any Video Game from the Video Games Shop". Anyone who spent their MP on any memory for anything other than this Goal level has more MP than common sense. This machine allowed you to buy more computer memory for MP.

Lost Soul Description: Whenever a player joins, they are given a megabyte of server memory for free. You can memory upgrade buy buying an uploads upgrade for money or from buying more space for MP below. Cheap memory is available at MaraUploads. Memory is priced at 25MP per 1KB.

23rd August 2017

There was an empty space in Ziranek and Memory Upgrades has now been changed to a Memory Saved shop. Although Marapets does not actually need to save server space, the idea is that you earn 1 Memory Point for every item you delete at the 'Move Items' Quick Stock page at your Inventory. You can change the donate option to the delete option. 

This new Memory Shop will permanently give extra use to any items that become junk items of little value by removing them from the site. You can't delete Dukka Coins and Fake Dukka Coins as these items are a currency that has their own currency exchanges and have (or will have) their own shops.

Ever since then, no one donates items to the Pot of Gold except for Ebenezer Scrooge.


We hope everyone is enjoying Chreasterween!

Who remembers Marahomes? It has been 11 years since anything new was added to this feature. It has been 12 years since they became just 'Homes' and 11 years since 'Homes' were removed from the sidebar - and replaced with 'Dress Up' which was going to be the death of Marapets; then over 4 years ago they were removed from the top bar links too! 15th April 2017 marks the beginning of the end of Marahomes. RIP MARAHOMES. Gardens are not going anywhere; while they became a new and improved feature, your homes were technically still around but were no longer any use other than to access your Garden.

Any furniture/appliances have been returned to your Inventory. Any MP you paid for your home to be constructed have been refunded.

The Furniture, Wallpaper, and Appliances shops have been removed. Their shopkeepers were seriously outdated and some items have been moved to the Toy Shop while the wallpaper items have been moved to the Flooring Shop in Gigantic Paradise. Nobody knows why the farm sells carpeting, but it won't for long. This is a temporary shop and these items will soon become something useful! 29th September/28th October 2020: UPDATE - Several of these items have now changed into these new pet Figurines, Action Figures, and Jigsaw Puzzles. This means that all of the furniture and appliance items from the discontinued Marahomes feature have now been changed into real toys. Wild Back Wallpaper to Decadal Figurine, Rainbow Wallpaper to Zola Figurine, Tiki Brown Wallpaper to Wallop Figurine, Camouflage Bed to Echlin Figurine, Camouflage Cooker to Gobble Figurine, Camouflage Dishwasher to Vlad Figurine, Camouflage Refrigerator to Willa Figurine, Camouflage Sofa to Straya Figurine, Camouflage Toilet to Rofling Figurine, Checkered Bed to Raulf Figurine, Checkered Cooker to Sybri Figurine, Checkered Refrigerator to Tasi Figurine, Checkered Dishwasher to Limax Figurine, Checkered Sofa to Hump Figurine, Checkered Toilet to Zoosh Figurine, Dark Bed to Zoink Figurine, Dark Cooker to Yuni Figurine, Dark Dishwasher to Rusty Figurine, Dark Refrigerator to Oglue Figurine, Dark Sofa to Snookle Figurine, Dark Toilet to Huthiq Figurine, Love Bed to Lati Figurine, Love Cooker to Kujo Figurine, Love Dishwasher to Troit Figurine, Love Refrigerator to Eyru Figurine, Love Sofa to Viotto Figurine, Love Toilet to Chibs Figurine, Old Bed to Pucu Figurine, Old Cooker to Poera Figurine, Old Dishwasher to Quell Figurine, Old Refrigerator to Lorius Figurine, Old Sofa to Nino Figurine, Old Toilet to Mordo Figurine, Cooker to Zetlian Figurine, Dishwasher to Newth Figurine, Refrigerator to Daisy Figurine, Dryer to Gizmo Figurine, Computer to Azul Figurine, Flat Computer to Yakubi Figurine, Super Computer to Grint Figurine, Apple Shaped Computer to Phanty Figurine, Television to Ike Figurine, Antique Television to Basil Figurine, Widescreen Television to Crikey Figurine, Portable Television to Arinya Figurine, Fire Cooker to Leido Figurine, Fire Dishwasher to Ushunda Figurine, Fire Dryer to Crindol Figurine, Fire Refrigerator to Astro Figurine, Icy Cooker to Domino Figurine, Icy Dishwasher to Ruth Figurine, Icy Dryer to Sleuth Figurine, Icy Refrigerator to Booth Figurine, Cheese Bed to Murfin Figurine, Cheese Toilet to Flab Figurine, Red Round Table to Feliz Figurine, Brown Round Table to Doyle Figurine, Green Round Table to Knutt Figurine, Yellow Round Table to Osafo Figurine, Moon Sofa to Bolimo Figurine, Triangle Wardrobe to Kidlet Figurine, Cheese Table to Jessup Figurine, Moon Chair to Kaala Figurine, Broken Bath to Xoi Figurine, Water Table to Equilor Figurine, Water Bed to Paffuto Figurine, Furry Table to Tantua Figurine, Furry Toilet to Gonk Figurine, Flower Bed to Ideus Figurine, Funky Bed to Speiro Figurine, Mushroom Toilet to Renat Figurine, Brown Wooden Bed to Addow Jigsaw Puzzle,Blue Wooden Bed to Leido Jigsaw Puzzle,Green Wooden Bed to Gobble Jigsaw Puzzle,Red Wooden Bed to Ushunda Jigsaw Puzzle,Yellow Wooden Bed to Osafo Jigsaw Puzzle,Broken Table to Walee Jigsaw Puzzle,Broken Sink to Gonk Jigsaw Puzzle,Cheese Sink to Zoink Jigsaw Puzzle,Cheese Bath to Kidlet Jigsaw Puzzle,Wooden Zetlian Toy to Zetlian Jigsaw Puzzle,Paffuto Skateboard to Paffuto Jigsaw Puzzle,Light Up Azul to Azul Jigsaw Puzzle,Knutt Ball to Knutt Jigsaw Puzzle,Water Sink to Equilor Jigsaw Puzzle,Triangle Table to Speiro Jigsaw Puzzle,Triangle Bath to Vixen Jigsaw Puzzle,Triangle Sink to Kronk Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Table to Viotto Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Bath to Troit Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Sink to Phanty Jigsaw Puzzle,Spiral Table to Reese Jigsaw Puzzle,Spiral Bath to Lorius Jigsaw Puzzle,Mushroom Table to Kujo Jigsaw Puzzle,Mushroom Sink to Daisy Jigsaw Puzzle,Mushroom Bath to Rusty Jigsaw Puzzle,Moon Bath to Zoosh Jigsaw Puzzle,Moon Sink to Kaala Jigsaw Puzzle,Moon Table to Snookle Jigsaw Puzzle,Furry Bath to Fasoro Jigsaw Puzzle,Flower Sink to Feliz Jigsaw Puzzle,Flower Bath to Limax Jigsaw Puzzle,Flower Table to Huthiq Jigsaw Puzzle,Triangle Sofa to Yuni Jigsaw Puzzle,Triangle Chair to Flab Jigsaw Puzzle,Triangle Bed to Jessup Jigsaw Puzzle,Water Chair to Pucu Jigsaw Puzzle,Water Toilet to Crikey Jigsaw Puzzle,Water Wardrobe to Renat Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Wardrobe to Rofling Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Sofa to Ideus Jigsaw Puzzle,Spiral Toilet to Ike Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Bed to Hump Jigsaw Puzzle,Sun Chair to Lati Jigsaw Puzzle,Spiral Chair to Murfin Jigsaw Puzzle,Mushroom Bed to Crindol Jigsaw Puzzle,Mushroom Sofa to Bolimo Jigsaw Puzzle,Moon Wardrobe to Oglue Jigsaw Puzzle,Moon Toilet to Astro Jigsaw Puzzle,Furry Bed to Echlin Jigsaw Puzzle,Furry Sofa to Yakubi Jigsaw Puzzle,Flower Chair to Doyle Jigsaw Puzzle,Flower Wardrobe to Sindi Jigsaw Puzzle,Flower Toilet to Arinya Jigsaw Puzzle,Cheese Wardrobe to Newth Jigsaw Puzzle,Cheese Sofa to Grint Jigsaw Puzzle,Cheese Chair to Ercuw Jigsaw Puzzle,Broken Bed to Dakota Jigsaw Puzzle,Broken Sofa to Raulf Jigsaw Puzzle,Broken Wardrobe to Eyru Jigsaw Puzzle,Push and Spin Newth to Newth Action Figure,Feliz Bag to Feliz Action Figure,Addow in a Barrel to Addow Action Figure,Wind Up Grint Toy to Grint Action Figure,Mechanical Osafo Toy to Osafo Action Figure,Wind Up Murfin to Murfin Action Figure,Rocking Jessup to Jessup Action Figure,Wind Up Leido to Leido Action Figure,Water Bath to Paffuto Action Figure,Spiral Sink to Crikey Action Figure,Walee Boomerang to Walee Action Figure,Tantua on a String to Tantua Action Figure,Light Up Ushunda to Ushunda Action Figure,Equilor Kite to Equilor Action Figure,Spinning Azul to Azul Action Figure,Wind Up Xoi to Xoi Action Figure,Windup Flab to Flab Action Figure,Wind Up Lorius to Lorius Action Figure,Furry Sink to Fasoro Action Figure,Triangle Toilet to Ideus Action Figure,Water Sofa to Kidlet Action Figure,Sun Toilet to Kaala Action Figure,Spiral Wardrobe to Crindol Action Figure,Spiral Bed to Gonk Action Figure,Spiral Sofa to Phanty Action Figure,Mushroom Wardrobe to Zetlian Action Figure,Mushroom Chair to Doyle Action Figure,Moon Bed to Renat Action Figure,Furry Chair to Ike Action Figure,Flower Sofa to Daisy Action Figure,Broken Chair to Speiro Action Figure,Broken Toilet to Arinya Action Figure,Bear to Echlin Action Figure,Doll to Astro Action Figure,Wind Up Newth to Zoosh Action Figure

Pots of Paint was the first shop and was home to some of the first items on Marapets, but has been useless ever since! This shop in Biala Mountain has been closed and all paint items you owned have now changed into a new *useful* item: Fake Costumes! The paint shop has turned into a Fake Costumes Shop in Vortex Park. Can't afford a Costume? You can use a Fake Costume on your pet! It won't actually change your pet's costume but it will give you the transformation if you are missing it. This will help with the Rainbow Fairy.

24th April

And they're gone! Marahomes and their Gardens have been removed. Any planted (not dead) seeds have been returned to your Inventory. Seeds have also been turned into toys - just like Furniture and Appliances! Minipets no longer have a pointless status (happiness, bladder, etc) and therefore the Resort in Minipet Island will change too.

A new Cheese Shop has opened in Gigantic Paradise. There are 30 new gourmet Cheese items. This has replaced the 'Flooring' shop in this world and all carpet items have turned into gourmet cheese items. The Wallpaper shop in Baspinar's Castle has been removed and the items were turned into gourmet cheese items too. 20 of these cheese items replaced Carpet & Wallpaper items and 12 are newly restocking. The Cheese Shop has also started trading on the Stock Market.

18th August

A new Gardening feature is in Gigantic Paradise. Now that the Marahomes feature has been discontinued permanently, this new feature is a way for you to plant your Seeds. You can use this gardening feature to plant seeds, water them and use Fertiliser to grow an Organic Minipet. These Organic Minipets will now grow much, much quicker than before but you can only grow one at a time.

22nd August

The Resort on Minipet Island used to be a feature where you could pay for your Minipets to be looked after so that they didn't run away. This feature was discontinued along with the pointless "looking after Minipets" feature, but the Resort has been changed. You can now pay 2,500MP once every 24 hours for one of your minipets to visit the resort and receive a souvenir Minipet Plate.

All Avatars or Goals related to homes have been changed. Anything related to Gardens has been moved to the new feature.

Lost Soul Descriptions:

Homes: Virtual Pets live in homes. As you need to take care of virtual pets, you must have at least one home at all times to put your virtual pet to sleep in. However, you can have a maximum of 6 houses in total. There are different types of houses to choose from, each a different price, size and take a different amount of time to be completed.


Price: 5,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 1

Construction Time : 3 Hours


Price: 10,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 4

Construction Time: 6 Hours


Price: 20,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 5

Construction Time: 10 Hours


Price: 30,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 4

Construction Time: 15 Hours


Price: 40,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 6

Construction Time: 24 Hours


Price: 50,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 7

Construction Time: 2 Days


Price: 75,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 7

Construction Time: 4 Days


Price: 100,000 MP

No. of Rooms: 7

Construction Time: 7 Days


Resort (Old description): Going away on vacation? Need someone to look after your Minipets because you will be away and do not want them to run away? You are at the right place! A stay at this island resort costs 50MP for the first night and then 5MP for the following nights.

List of retired currencies



A COPPA form is no longer needed if the account age indicated the user is over 13. Please make sure you read through the site Terms and Conditions and the forum rules so you know what is and isn't allowed. If you want permission to access the Forums, Marasites, Blogs, etc., email Ian at

Read the lost soul description below for more details.

Why can't I use Maramail, Clubs or Forums?

The COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) law states that all children aged 12 and under require parental consent before any of their personal information is entered into a website, aiming at their age group. As the website promotes the colourful and imaginative features of virtual pets, Marapets clearly attracts young children. Children are able to be a part of an online Marapet community; they have the ability to buy and sell Marapets, play games and communicate through email and chat rooms with other registered members of the Website.

When this account was registered, the age group stated was 12 and under. Therefore, unless Parental Permission is given, Maramail, Clubs Boards, Forums and all areas where personal information could be entered and viewed by other users are blocked. This means you also cannot take advantage of our free Journals and Marasites.

How is Parental Permission granted?

In order for your child to be able to send and receive Maramail and take advantage of all of our features, such as moderated Forums and Clubs, we need to have your parental consent. You can do so by filling out this form. You will have to print it out and fill it in. You can then send it to us and once received, we will give access within 24 hours. If you require help or have any questions, please use the Contact Us link below.

How do I send the Parental Permission Form?

There are three different ways of you sending the form to us. They are: Scanning the completed form and emailing it to

Faxing it to:

  • United Kingdom 0871 900-8796
  • United States (413) 581-3750
  • Canada 1-514-372-3311
  • Germany 49-180-548-20036552
  • Netherlands 31-84-719-6938
  • France 33-8-2556-8226

Mailing it to:

  • Marapets
  • C.P. Provencher 86012
  • Brossard, PQ
  • J4W3K7
  • Canada

What information is collected about my child?

Upon registration, any child 12 and under will be asked to enter a password, username, and their gender. We do not collect any other information and their account can be deleted per request. You can view this information by using the Contact Us link below and requesting it from our staff.

To find out more information about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act please click here. You can also view our Privacy Policy by clicking here.


Inside Baspinar's Castle

Inside Baspinar XII's Castle: The original description to this previous lineup was either lost or it may be the same one that sits there.

6th October 2018

Baspinar's Castle world map has been updated. The interior of the castle has been removed and everything has been placed into one map. This map was one of the original world maps and was over 13 years old. We hope you like the changes!

Lost Soul Description: King Baspinar welcomes you to his Castle. You are in the most prestigious part of Marada, with some of the most important and powerful Maradans. Battling is very important for the king, and he looks fondly upon those who have well-trained and strong marapets. While you're here why not visit the Knight and test your battle skills against some of the fearsome opponents.

Additional Comments: This is King Baspinar XIII after his twin brother died at the Minipet Island War in the hands of Eleka Minions on 29th January 2007. Born only 19 seconds later, as soon as his brother was pronounced dead, he was crowned. I guess he just couldn't wait to be king. However, although they claimed to be identical twins, King Baspinar XII resembled a... fish?

Points of Interest:


17th April 2014

Fashion Show - Released April 2014

The Fashion Show Medal


A couple of months ago, tishalook ran an official Marapets Clothing Design Contest on the Graphics Forum and the entries were so good, the staff decided to create a permanent Fashion Show feature in Lowlyhood.

Lost Soul Description: Welcome to the Lowlyhood Fashion Show - where players come to show off their latest fashion designs. Do you have an idea for new clothing here on Marapets? Enter and make your ideas a reality! To enter, draw your idea onto our character base - click for the Doll Base. You can design any kind of clothing, costume, and/or wig and submit as many entries as you like - this feature is permanent! Send your entries to Remember to include your username! Winners will be announced in the news, will win 100,000MP, a profile Medal, the items they designed, and will be permanently listed in the Fashion Show gallery below. IMPORTANT RULES - All entries must be in.JPG, PNG or.GIF format. Entries in other formats will not be accepted. If you cannot draw them on a computer, you can print out the bases, hand draw your designs and scan them in or take a photo. We're looking at design ideas and details, not artistic talent. Please be sure to include your Marapets username with your entry. You can win all of these items at the Vending Machine. Winners are announced in the News.

Additional Comments: The last Fashion Show was held in October 2017. Since the project has remained dormant, tishalook and bopig have since liquidated its establishment to the biggest star in Marada. Winners were awarded an avatar.

Fashion Show Winners

Clothing Designed Username Date
Dracorex Wings bopig October 31st, 2017
Turkey Hat YunisUnis November 23rd, 2016
Nightmare Dress Decomposition October 19th, 2015
Fruit Dress bopig June 9th, 2015
Musical Wig Punk May 29, 2015
Ballerina Costume Calculus May 19, 2014
Rockabilly Costume Jakabok May 19, 2014
Sunflower Dress Punk May 19, 2014
Cat Lover Wig Floffy May 19, 2014
Rasta Wig JahLove April 16, 2014
Thorn Wig Reichenbach April 16, 2014
Woodland Wig nah April 16, 2014
Burlesque Suspenders mumu35 April 16, 2014
Valkyrie Costume Angrybunny April 16, 2014
Lorius Onesie nah April 16, 2014
Gothabilly Braids Angi April 16, 2014
Feather Costume Anatidaephobia April 16, 2014
Guitar Shirt Sorci April 16, 2014
Minipet Lover Shirt gregoentre April 16, 2014
Ice Cream Dress Sassy April 16, 2014
Autumn Long Dress Decomposition April 16, 2014

11th March 2019

The Popstar has been added to the Lowlyhood world map and the Rewards page.


28th April 2019


The Countdown in Ziranek has been retired in favor of the Notifications feature for Games and your user interface. It was basically a feature that made the site much easier for you to play. For example, it could tell you that you have to wait 12 hours and 35 minutes until you can use the Whirlpool again.

Lost Soul Description: This giant digital countdown clock in Ziranek is a very useful clock for all Maradans. It has a countdown of all of the major places in Marada, with a counter telling you how long you need to wait before you can use it again!

Additional Comments: It was a common glitch for some countdown entries to be missing sometimes. It had been reported and was not able to be fixed until 2017-2018. The entries that sometimes went missing were usually the bottom 3 or 4.


List of tasks



24th May 2019

A new Health Tonics Shop has been released. It's not exactly a new shop but has instead replaced the Magic Shop in Gigantic Paradise. All items previously in the Magic Shop (except for Healing Potions, which have changed to Health Tonics and will stay at the new shop) have been renamed and moved to the Weapons Shop. They will still work as they did before, but instead of being named Wands, they are Magic Staffs. Wands are a new type of item from a new shop coming later this year.


10th August 2019

Since Mara is now rewarding all players for daily benefits, the Restricted Chat has since changed from how long you have played Marapets to how high your Progress Goals level is (specifically 25+).

King Baspinar Loyalty Restricted Chat Prizes


1 month
When you have been playing Marapets for 1 month or more you will gain access to the Restricted Chat (1-month-old) Forum. Before 2020, you would also stop earning MP from Flash Games and start earning Score Points instead. Now, you will start earning Score Points from our Games instead.
3 months When you have been playing Marapets for 3 months or more you will gain access to the Restricted Chat (3 months old) Forum
6 months When you have been playing Marapets for 6 months or more you will gain access to the Restricted Chat (6 months old) Forum
12 months
When you have been playing Marapets for 12 months or more you will gain access to the Restricted Chat (12 months old) Forum

Old Monthly Checklist

Previously, the Monthly Checklist had a setlist of goals for players to complete in order to enter the competition for 150 AU Credits. While the main prize has not changed, they also had the chance to randomly win a Capsule Machine Token upon submitting their entries. As of 5th March 2020, they can randomly win one of them with a Silver Shield. There were goals telling you to compete in the Olympics for at least 30 times and playing each Flash Game 100 times from the 1st of each month.

1st Prize Winner £150 AU Credits
2nd Prize Winner £100 AU Credits
3rd Prize Winner £50 AU Credits
30 Bonus Prize Winners £15 AU Credits
20 Bonus Prize Winners £10 AU Credits
10 Bonus Prize Winners £5 AU Credits

Entry Requirements

Complete the following entry requirements and hit the enter button. You will receive a confirmation alert when your entry has been accepted. You have until the end of this month to enter this month's competition.

                                                Entry Requirements
You need 75 or more Photos in your Photo Album.
You need 60 or more Clothes in your Wardrobe.
You need 50 or more Hidden Avatars found.
You need 25 or more Stamps in your Stamp Album.
Mp (2).png
Have 15,000MP or more on your account.
Rp (2).png
Have 2,500RP or more on your


You need to complete 75 or more Quests from the 1st of this month. 


You need to submit 100 new Flash Games scores from the 1st of this month.
Bp (2).png
Have 2,000BP or more on your account
Col missions.gif
Complete at least 7 levels on any of the Missions from the 1st of this month
Col deck.gif
You need 20 or more Trading Cards in your Battle Deck.
You need to complete training at the Elite Gym at least 10 times from the 1st of this month.
You need 30 or more Glowing Eggs in your Nest.
You need to complete training at the Gym at least 10 times from the 1st of this month.
Agatha mini.gif
You need 40 or more Plates in your plate collection.


You need 50 or more Plushies in your plushie collection.

R.I.P. MaraSites

15th May 2020

Lost Soul Description: Every verified user over 13 has their own Marasite. It is our completely free way of us hosting your website. You start with the home page and the choice to create extra pages. You can get more space from Account Upgrades if you need it too! Only text and HTML will work - PHP is blocked. Content must be appropriate for all ages. Marasites cannot have political, religious, or sexual content. They cannot feature gaming sites similar to Marapets.

IMPORTANT - any member found to have paid advertisements on their Marasite will be frozen immediately. You can not code your layout to cover the advertisements on the page. The site is only free because of the adverts, so hiding them will have your account frozen.

Additional Comments: Marapets marasites can accept most HTML coding and CSS, however, you can not use frames.

Our new and improved Marasites have been relaunched as Mara.Pages

Marasites are one of our oldest features, allowing every Level 18 or higher player to create their own website for FREE

We've made several updates to make this easier for all players who would like to make a page of their own.

Your Mara.Page has a new shorter link using your username(s) such as

You can use our new Page Builder to create your own website without having to know any HTML coding! Create a new page and then use the Page Builder to drag and drop your own grid. Once you have the grid how you want everything to be positioned, you can drag and drop links, images, buttons, or your own HTML Code. We only recommend you using the page builder for new pages.

R.I.P. Pet Auctions

28th October 2020

This has always been one of the most important rules on MaraPets: pets are not for sale - they are not property, they are pets! They were to be cared for and if you no longer wanted a pet, you could disown or trade to a player who would want it. We started Pet Auctions in 2012 as a trial, to see if allowing pets to be sold here would work. After a week, we didn't like the results and stopped Limited Edition/Restricted species of pets from being sold. For years this was fine and they almost replaced the Pet Pound as a way to disown pets and for people to bid on pets they wanted.

Sadly, yet unsurprisingly, Pet Auctions have never been a popular feature. A huge percentage of those who do use it do so to profit from Pet Names or to cheat (like transferring currency they gained from multiple accounts). Selling pets does not make sense here and it is a lot of work to keep a feature like this open and updated when it's hardly used or used in a way it was never created to be. We have much better plans to improve Pet Pound, Pet Trades, and other plans in the future. With Pet Auctions removed, we can purge old pet names more often now!

The Giant Food Shop Merge

2nd February 2021

The Giant Fruit Shop and the Giant Vegetables Shop have been removed and their items merged with the Fruit Shop and Vegetables Shop. These shops have also moved from Puchalla Village to Gigantic Paradise, taking over the position of the giant shops. We've updated the artwork for most of the oldest items in both shops and they also have 66 new items on sale.

4th February 2021

Just like the Giant Fruit and Giant Vegetables Shop, the Giant Flowers Shop has been removed and their items merged with the Flowers Shop in Puchalla Village. We've updated the artwork for most of the oldest items in both shops and they also have 28 new items on sale.

Any goals or avatars that require these removed shops will be changed later this week.

Retired Games

List of removed Flash Games (pre-2020)

  • June 3rd, 2006 - Bounchy has replaced Funky Pong.
  • June 16th, 2006 - Shoot the Fatty has replaced Paintball.
  • July 8th, 2006 - Candy Cannon has replaced Archery.
  • July 14th, 2006 - Sudoku has replaced the Mahjongg game.
  • July 21st, 2006 - Fruit Harvest has replaced Plasma V2.
  • July 25th, 2006 - Leido Bounce has replaced Mars Rover.
  • August 2nd, 2006 - Football has replaced Quick Shot.
  • August 5th, 2006 - Whack an Azul has replaced the Whack a Penguin game.
  • August 7th, 2006 - Fropa Attack and Baterminator replaced Fish Food and Bombs Are Us.
  • November 3rd, 2013 - Thunder Card, 3some, Card Raider, and Uno - they had problems sending scores. The Bonus Prizes that were going to be added to these games are now restocking instead.
  • February 27th, 2014 - Sokoban; There's been a long time problem with this game so it was removed. The bonus prizes have been added elsewhere on the site instead.

Old Non-Marapets Games

Arcade Games
Game MP Ratio Popularity Highscore
[1] Air-Fox 1MP per 25 Points 110,352 total game plays drowningindespair Scored 40,135
[2] Archery 3MP per 1 Point 582,560 total game plays SunnyD818 Scored 5,108
[3] Asteriod Dodge 1MP per 4 Points 186,584 total game plays Popo Scored 2,646
[4] Asteriods 1MP per 20 Points 113,775 total game plays newther00000 Scored 30,560
[5] Bombs Are Us 1MP per 50 Points 187,875 total game plays linny&tuck Scored 45,300
[6] Bounce the Rock 7MP per 1 Point 968,815 total game plays crazyfrawg Scored 94
[7] Buneriods 12MP per 1 Point 222,903 total game plays ladyisadora Scored 105
[8] Extreme Climber 16MP per 1 Point 329,409 total game plays bokunohime22 Scored 32
[9] Fish Food 2MP per 1 Point 232,370 total game plays sweetthing101 Scored 270
[10] Flasteroids 1MP per 240 Points 60,446 total game plays Loving Scored 150,400
[11] Funky Pong 35MP per 1 Point 1,939,439 total game plays drowningindespair Scored 27
[12] Helicopter 1MP per 2 Points 780,479 total game plays remybuxaplenty Scored 1,186
[13] Hexxagon 20MP per 1 Point 218,889 total game plays treble Scored 58
[14] Jewels 1MP per 40 Points 199,188 total game plays basilaura Scored 137,345
[15] Kill the Stickmen! 1MP per 7 Points 135,832 total game plays gnarlycraft1 Scored 4,130
[16] Maeda Path 1MP per 9 Points 237,625 total game plays tjtndht Scored 14,540
[17] Mahjongg 5MP per 1 Point 322,020 total game plays fuzzypickles Scored 288
[18] Mars Rover 1MP per 2 Points 51,864 total game plays ljp1125 Scored 1,323
[19] Paintball Shotting 1MP per 6 Points 197,840 total game plays graypucu13 Scored 10,360
[20] Plasma V2 1MP per 7 Points 51,861 total game plays Shofu2 Scored 73
[21] Quick Shot 30MP per 1 Point 762,060 total game plays QuadraticProto1 Scored 36
[22] Seal Toss 1MP per 2 Points 612,583 total game plays countryideus831 Scored 1,593
[23] Simon 35MP per 1 Point 287,268 total game plays iceskaterdakota8 Scored 36
[24] Snow Boarding 1MP per 17 Points 400,983 total game plays roseanneee Scored 14,086
[25] Speed Racer 1MP per 1 Point 119,172 total game plays mariahchibs8996 Scored 12,876
[26] Whack A Penguin 2MP per 1 Point 1,174,533 total game plays googooogoosh Scored 324
[27] Zoo Keeper 1MP per 19 Points 214,871 total game plays roosterteeth123 Scored 33,400

Some of these games were not actually owned by Marapets. Games from Shadow Arcade 2.0 were used with permission. Warning: Some of the links are unavailable due to this error message popping up: You need to login to Marapets!

Now what are we going to do on Friday nights?

R.I.P. Slot Machines

26th May 2015

Dukka Dash has replaced the Slot Machine in Dukka Town which has now been retired. The bonus prizes from the slot machine can now be won from Dukka Dash. Those of you that have not finished the Easter Egg Hunt, the slot machine level has been replaced with Dukka Dash too.

Lost Soul Description: "The Dukka Slot machines cost 25 MP a spin; they used to give small prizes for less money. It all improved on June 12th, 2013. You now also may randomly receive one of the new Bonus Prizes while playing. The prizes for matching up 3 or 4 of the same egg color on the winning line are dukka coins. However, rapid playing may cause negative amounts of MP. They still give out small prizes."

Unfortunately, black and pink eggs do not win any prizes.

Combination Prize

Three Glowing White Eggs

One Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Red Eggs

Two Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Blue Eggs

Five Dukka Coin

Four Glowing White Eggs

Six Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Yellow Eggs

Seven Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Green Eggs

Eight Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Red Eggs

Nine Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Purple Eggs

Ten Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Grey Eggs

Fifteen Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Blue Eggs

Twenty Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Yellow Eggs

Twenty Five Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Green Eggs

Fifty Dukka Coin

Three Glowing Rainbow Eggs

One Hundred Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Purple Eggs

Two Hundred Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Grey Eggs

Five Hundred Dukka Coin

Four Glowing Rainbow Eggs


30th May 2015

The Slot Machine in Planet Enpiah has retired too. Its replacement is Extract Enpiah; it costs 100x as much RP to play. As the newer feature replaced the Enpiah Slot Machine, the bonus prizes and White DNA can also be won.

Lost Soul Description: "Enpiah's Slot Machine costs 5RP per spin. If you get three of four of the same DNA in a row on the winning line you will win a prize. The list of prizes is below. You may also randomly win other Bonus Prizes during the game. Please note that some combinations of DNA do not win any prizes at all."

Combination Prize

Three Orange DNAs


Three Black DNAs


Three White DNAs


Four Orange DNAs


Three Red DNAs


Three Brown DNAs


Four Black DNAs


Three Green DNAs


Three Yellow DNAs


Four White DNAs


Four Red DNAs


Four Brown DNAs


Three Blue DNAs


Four Green DNAs


Four Yellow DNAs

White DNA

Four Blue DNAs


Slot Machines will return to the Volcano and Poison Pit worlds, but nothing like they were before...


28th May 2019

Walk of Fame - Released 28th March 2014

The Walk of Fame in Lowlyhood is where we pay tribute to real-life celebrities. From time to time, a new famous person will be released as a Dress Up Game. You can get these hairstyles and clothes for your own character too!

Additional Comments: This was what the Dress Up Game became when it got sent to Lowlyhood. Here is the original news post from 2007:

We have just released the first Dress Up Game on the site. When we released the virtual world of Lowlyhood, we mentioned that it will be filled with celebrities and fashion. We will soon releasing a Walk of Fame on the Lowlyhood map where we add celebrities to the world of Marada. Each celebrity we add will be a Doll Maker, where you can dress up one of the dress up character dolls on the site to look like that celebrity. We have just added Zac Efron doll to the dress up games page. It has hair styles, clothes and shoes for male characters on the site which we have arranged for you to dress up one of our dolls to look like Zac Efron. All of these shoes, clothes and hair styles are also available on the site for your male character, so if you like the items you put on Zac, you can get them on the site for your character too! More of these dress up games will be added in the future for different celebrities.

Well, since the Doll Maker retired with Flash becoming obsolete in 2020, it only made sense for the Marapets team to turn the Walk of Fame into a giveaway feature, much like the Wishing Well at Neopets.



  • Amy Winehouse
  • Avril Lavigne
  • Beyonce
  • Britney Spears
  • Lady Gaga
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Michael Jackson
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Pink
  • Rihanna
  • Shakira
  • America Ferrera (aka Ugly Betty)
  • Usher
  • Zac Efron


1st January 2020

Happy New Year

It's 2020 and we have a fantastic year ahead of us at Marapets! Sadly, it also means the end of our Flash Games. If you did not already know, on December 31, 2020, Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash. It had already had limited or no support on most browsers and all mobile devices.

As Flash will be totally obsolete, we decided to disable it. This sadly means that all of our Flash Games no longer award any MP, Score Points, or item prizes.

The 2 levels of Candyland Goals (1,300 at Candy Cannon) and the level of Undying Woods Goals (winning a Bonus Prize at Undead Billiards) have both been changed to remove the flash game requirements.

The Monthly Checklist also does not require you to play these [100] games this month either. Other changes will be made later this year.

R.I.P. Snap!

25th March 2020


The game of Snap was one of the first games added to Marapets, released back in October 2006. It's hasn't changed since then and has been awaiting removal for several years now. It was only kept open until there were replacement features that gave out DNA prizes. This game has been removed from the site now and will be replaced with several new cards and puzzle games with DNA as a prize, such as Rummy.

Marapets Description: Snap! is a card game that can be played once every 10 minutes. It is FREE to play too! All you have to do is select a card from the pile and if it's the same as Snappy's card, call 'Snap!' and you will win a prize! Prizes include MP, BP and if you're really lucky, Blue DNA!

Currency Payout: 600-3,000MP or BP.

R.I.P. One in a Million

3rd May 2020

One in a Million: Released on 6th January 2007

This game was so near identical to Guess the Weight and impossible to win that it was remade into a Prize Drop game. What didn't help the old game that much was the fact that it took numerous guesses to win Millionaire Plushies (which were added on 7th October 2018).

Marapets Description: Lush Lake makes a huge amount of MP from tourism and has decided to give some back. There's a random number of coins inside this huge jar - all that is clear is that there is less than one million in there and obviously more than 0. You can play for FREE once every 1 hour and 30 minutes and if your guess is correct you will take away the 1,000,000MP prize! You may win a Millionaire Plushie or Enchanted Millionaire Plushie bonus prize even if you guess incorrectly.

Anastasia's Old Fortunes

14th May 2020

  • Every Rusty has its day...
  • A Walee in the hand is worth two in the bush...
  • Never look a gift Gonk in the mouth...
  • The early Osafo catches the worm...
  • A rolling Xoi gathers no moss...
  • Better the Crindol you know than the Crindol you don't...
  • If you take a Zoink to market expect to come home alone...
  • If you swim in sewerage you can expect to smell like poo...


31st July 2020

Mining Caverns

Marapets Description: Buried deep beneath Foxfire Forest is a series of mineral-filled natural caverns. The minerals here have incredible untapped magical power. If you have the right Mining Tools, you can try Mining one for yourself! Each Mining Tool has a different percentage that they'll be successful in digging up any minerals and each item has a different percentage that they will break when you go mining. Once you successfully mine a mineral you will have a time out before you can try again.

You can go Mining at any time if you have a Mining Tool. Here is the Prize List.

Mine (Closed)

Last time on Marapets, King Baspinar closed down the mine immediately in order to restrict the supply of the minerals needed for magic to happen. He's determined to find out what Queen Eleka is doing with her Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry... Unlike the City Sewers Crevice, you can now use any Mining Tools from your Inventory. Using them will make the item disappear and you will earn Seconds to spend mining in one of six different mines!

Retired Events

There are some events that are ongoing. There are some events that were one-offs. But then you have these events that fall off the face of Marapets.

R.I.P. Undying Festival

Undying Festival

Marapets Description: The Undying Festival will run until October 24th. Complete many site challenges for a guaranteed prize. Every 10 challenges you complete, you will find a letter. There are 34 letters to find. Once you have found them all, work out the phrase below and you'll get a limited edition Daisy pet and 500,000MP! If you complete the Undying Festival, you will have to claim your prizes before December 31st.

Additional Comments: This was a biennial site event for a restricted Daisy pet. It could happen any time of the year and involved solving a big number of clues (which were different every year) and doing activities around Marapets (usually over 40 levels). Ian announced in an editorial that after 2016 the Undying Festival will not be returning. However, items from this event are now obtainable from winning Phantom Four's Jasper's raffle.


Exclusive Festival Items

Avatars From the Undying Festival

Undying Festival Avatars:

Undyingfestivalav.gif - RETIRED Finish the 2007 festival.

Festival08av.gif - RETIRED Finish the 2008 festival.

Festivalav.gif - Random when you click on a Festival in your Inventory.

Undyingfestival10.gif - RETIRED Complete the 2010 Festival.

Chuckles minipet.gif - View attached Chuckles aged 16 days.

Unfest12.gif - RETIRED Complete the 2012 Festival.

Plague mini.gif - Attach Plague to a Basil then view the minipet.

Uf2015.gif - RETIRED Acquired during the 2015 Festival.

Bullo mini.gif - View a Bullo attached to a Daisy pet.

Buttercream mini.gif - Feed a Buttercream gourmet minipet to your pet.

Mintcream mini.gif - Feed your pet a Mintcream and then view the page within that pet's Gourmet Food List where it's located.

Uf2016.gif - RETIRED Complete the 2016 Undying Festival.