Marapets Description: The goal of Reversi is to end the game with the most pieces on the board. Whenever it's your turn, you place one piece on the board in a spot that surrounds your opponent's pieces. Each time you trap the Knight's pieces, they will change to your pieces. You can change the game settings to show all possible moves and the number of pieces you will capture from each move. The game will end when there are no more moves and the winner is the player with the most pieces.

If you win the game of Reversi against the Knight, you will win 7,500MP and two entries to the daily Knight Raffle. If you lose or draw, you'll still win 1,750MP and one entry to the raffle.

The Knight Raffle will select three random winners who have entered by playing ChessDraughts or Reversi the previous day. There will be one winner of £5 Account Upgrade Credits and two winners of £2 Account Upgrade Credits.

Additional Comments: Reversi is the second Board Game since it was released on 5th April 2020.




Marapets Description: Hexxagon was a Puzzle Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: Click on a Xoi and then on a white space next to it to make it multiply, or a green space to make it jump. Moving a Xoi to space next to a Yakubi will convert the Yakubi to a Xoi. Win by filling the board with more Xois than Yakubis.

MP Ratio: 2MP per 2 points scored

Additional Comments: Hexxagon also had an ancient counterpart.


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