Pronunciation: Roff-ling
Pet Kind or Species: Hedgehog
Date Introduced: 1st October 2005 (earliest surviving News article)
Description: The Rofling is a Limited Edition hedgehog pet. You can buy a Rofling maker from the Referral System Shop for 2,500-2,600 Referral Points; you also can buy one off another member, but these can be quite difficult to find because they are more collector's items than items that are used. Instead, you can rather put one of your pets through the Transmogrification Temple.

Revamp: The Rofling was first redrawn on 3rd May 2011, with the other colours remaining the same. The artists were never 100% happy with it, so they never updated its costumed versions, but have since then decided to bring back the original style. It had received its final redraw on 25th January 2017, to the dismay of many Maradans; the pointy, smooth shell has become softer, its ears have become bigger, the chest is more defined, and its feet are rounded to fit in with the new style of Marapets.

Laboratory: There is 1 DNA Minipet that can be cloned with this pet.

Official Description: These little hedgehogs love curling up in balls and racing down hills as fast as they can roll!

Trivia: Its name comes from ROFL-ing (rolling on [the] floor laughing) and its hedgehog-like design comes from the video game character Sonic (hence the rings on Baby Rofling's pajamas and around Lava Rofling's arms).

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  • I wanna say I don't like it but I think I just don't like roflings in general. Def needed an art update though. ~ Masquerade
  • Why keep the same stance on this pet, but change it for [most] other species? I feel the same as with the Ushunda revamp on this one. It would have be better to avoid the original design/stance, and try something new with this species. ~ gennie
  • I like it. The Rofling is bearable now. Still not something I'll get, but as usual, a great redraw. Thank you for the style matching. ~ Ephemeral