The Scout Costume is a retired costume from an Account Upgrade in June 2016 to commemorate the Scout Challenges. Putting this costume on certain marapets will turn them into a Scout! Most of the Scout pets closely resemble their real-life counterparts.

Scout Pets


  • Fasoro has the Tanuki leaf marked on its flag and hat.
  • For specific Scout pets, you can see the stereotypes associated with their real-life counterparts.
  • Despite it being based on a rat, Basil has the coloration of an opossum.


The AU was going to retire July 31st, but because of the Marapocalypse, it had been put back on sale until April 15th so that you could re-purchase these if you were missing some. All Account Upgrade purchases AFTER this were automatically returned to you in full, even if you used, sold, or gave them away. Over £1,000 was given away FREE each month in the Monthly Checklist and even more from Goals, Temples, etc. As many of these items were returned automatically, their prices were much lower than usual. You should use the MP and items you have gained to buy/trade for most things you are missing. For anyone who definitely missed out on purchases of Scout AU items and can prove it, Ian had asked to send his staff a Support Ticket and asked you to send them the proof of purchase from Paypal and let them know how many of these Scout AUs you purchased. The more proof or information you sent them, the quicker and more likely they could verify and return these.