Marapets Description: There are 10 different Scratchcards to win - the rarer the card, the higher the prize! You can scratch a Scratchcard in your Inventory here at any time. Scratch the whole card and if you match 3 of the same set of prizes, you will win that prize. You will also earn 1 Score Point for each Scratchcard you buy. Each card is rarer than the next, with higher chances of winning and bigger prizes on each. The Mega Jackpot is added to and can be won from Dukka Town, Jenoa, and Vortex Park Scratchcards. Here is the Scratchcards List.

Additional Comments: Scratchcards no longer have the bonus space and auto-scratch button and do not need to be 'used' in your Inventory - they're now toys for your pets to play within this way instead. If you had any that were not scratched before, they were returned to your Inventory a few days before this update. You also actually SCRATCH each Scratchcard when you play now - and this also works on mobile! You can win University Stats, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit, Charisma Stats, Retired items, Enchanted Plushies, Plushies, random items, RP, BP, and MP.



Marapets Description: You can buy Scratchcards from Dukka Town for a Two Dukka Coin once every hour.

Additional Comments: One of Marapets' oldest games, the Dukka Town Scratchcards has been relaunched on 24th November 2019.



Captain Scratch's Dukka Scratchcards: Released 25th June 2006

Scratchcards (1)


Marapets Description: You can buy Scratchcards from Jenoa for a 2,500MP once every 2 hours.

Additional Comments: They have all of the changes of the Dukka Town scratchcards but it was the first to let you win stats for all of your pets or MP. This game was relaunched on 8th December 2019. The lowest value scratchcard before is now in 3rd place, which should help offset the drop in the price to buy these cards now.



Jenna's Jenoa Scratchcards: Released 11th February 2009

JenoaScratchcards (1)


Marapets Description: You can buy Scratchcards from Vortex Park for a Fake Fifteen Dukka Coin once every hour.

Additional Comments: coming soon


Icon scratchcards3

Vortex Park Scratchcards: Releasing Soon

JenoaScratchcards (1)

Other related things to Scratchcards

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from winning the Mega Jackpot on any Scratchcard.


Scratchcards Giftbox

Use this item and you can buy any Scratchcards twice as often forever.

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