Marapets Description: Welcome to the Dukka Town Scratchcard Kiosk. We sell scratchcards in exchange for a Two Dukka Coin. You can buy one scratchcard every hour but you can scratch a scratchcard whenever you want. You can scratch off 10 of the 16 circles. Match 3 of the same prize to win! If you win more than one set of prizes it will randomly select which one to give you!

Additional Comments: The rarer the scratchcard, the higher the prizes you will win. You can scratch every circle to reveal a prize. There is also a button that will scratch it all at once for you and a bonus circle that will double your prize if you win and match the bonus too!



Dukka Scratchcards: Released 25th June 2006



Marapets Description: Welcome to the Jenoa Scratchcard Kiosk. We sell Scratchcards in exchange for a Five Dukka Coin. There are 8 different scratchcards to win - the rarer the card, the higher the prize! You can buy a Scratchcard here once every 2 hours but you can scratch a scratchcard whenever you want. You need to use a scratchcard you have in your inventory and then come back here to scratch it. Scratch the whole card and if you match 3 of the same set of prizes, you will win that prize. If you don't match a set of 3 prizes, you may win the bonus square MP prize!

Additional Comments: They have all of the changes of the Dukka Town scratchcards but you can win stats for all of your pets or MP. There is also a bonus square. If you cannot match 3 prizes to win, scratch the bonus and you may win a bonus prize instead. The rarer the scratchcard, the more MP or pet stats you will win.



Jenoa Scratchcards: Released 11th February 2009


Other related things to Scratchcards

Avatar and Giftbox


You get this from winning the Jackpot on any Dukka Town scratchcard.


Scratchcards Giftbox

Use this item and you can buy any Scratchcards twice as often forever.

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