Secret Santa Quest


Marapets Description: The real Biala Santa likes to give out gifts at Christmas, but cannot afford to do this all year round. To help Santa Claus to afford this, he gives out quests for you to send items to players. He will select a random item, as a Christmas gift that you will need to send to the player who last completed one of his quests. But if you were the last person to complete his quest, he will select a player at random who is playing right now. You may also receive an item from someone else when you complete a Secret Santa quest. You will also receive MP from each quest, and may receive a Santa Trading Card!

Additional Comments: You need to send an item to the random user Santa asks. His taste can be expensive, so don't spend more than 12,000MP doing this quest! You may get a Santa Trading Card and 50,000 marapoints if you are extremely lucky!

Average Reward: 7,000 MP

Minimum Reward: 2,000 MP


Secret Santa Claus

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You get this from completing 200 Secret Santa Quests.


You get this from beating Santa 340 times in the one-player battle arena.

Elfember Event


Marapets Description: Santa now has 15 new Christmas Presents to give out from now until December 25th. Complete any Secret Santa Quest and a random player online will be sent a Christmas Present item from you! If he is feeling more generous, you will also receive a Christmas Present! Open one of these new Christmas Presents and you will win one of these 35 new prizes. If you wait until December 24th or 25th to open them, you will win double prizes!

Trading Card


Santa Trading Card

Santa is also a Battle Arena enemy. When you place his Trading Card on your battle deck you can go directly to the Battle Arena to battle him.

Santa Specifications:

  • Base Health: 17
  • Base Magic: 17
  • Weapons: Holly Bomb and Gift Bomb
  • Base Damage: 9HP

Santa (Enemy)

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