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There is no denying that server errors have been a big part of Marapets since the site's opening. From forums breaking, to shops not restocking, to even site crashes and hacker attacks (yes hacker attacks have been to blame several times for the site's errors)...

Server errors have always had one outcome: unhappy maradans!

It is inevitable to avoid errors, and all sites have them at some point. However for some reason, Maradans take it really hard when the site is malfunctioning. It seems it's hard to understand that after all, it takes time to get a site in tip-top shape.

Sites break, it's a fact of life!

Error Troit

Error Troit

Server Error Troit



Perhaps the most notorious thing about Marapets server errors, is not the error itself, but the way it is portrayed. Unfortunately for the Error Troit, it is now his turn to take the bashing for the site's mishaps (literally and figuratively). This poor little guy is cursed at often by many players!

His Trading Card was obtainable through the Capsule Machine. He also has a photo which was exclusive to the Vault.

Error Knutt

Error Knutt

Server Error Knutt

We are unsure when this guy got introduced, but he was succeeded by the Error Troit (above) in July of 2008. Not many people hated this guy, in fact during the time this guy was around, server errors were blamed on some other pet... can you guess which? Read below to find out who!

The Newths at it again...

Newth in the News

Mischievous Newths

It is very likely that the Newth was subject of bashing at the very first Advent Calendar in the site's forums (we are not really sure but we assume). Everyone knows, the first Advent Calendar had lots of ups and downs (specially because the site was brand new)... but Newths are native to Biala Mountain and were the ones helping the elves deliver presents. The image shows one instance of newths blamed for causing havoc in the site's Easter Egg Hunt mishaps. They were at some point the ones working the Plushie Machine and releasing new plushies (rumor says).

Unique errors

Other errors that are not common, or haven't stirred up the community in Marapets. Either way, we caught one, read on.

Special Errors

Alerts and Maramail Down Nov 12 2009

Alerts Down

In November 2009 an error message that was never seen before, or after was shown on alerts. Ian got a bit creative with the Olympics coming and all. Alerts were down, and they remained down for a while. That Christmas (2009-10) users decided to take advantage of the alerts being down and organized "food fights", sending food items to one another along with other items. At some point books were being sent as well, and encyclopedias (in order to spell funny messages) were also sent. When alerts were finally fixed in January, all the alerts (thousands for some players) popped-up.

Broken alerts weren't something new, but in other occasions, the error troit or the error knutt showed up instead when attempting to access them.

Other Common Errors "Halt!"

"Don't even move a step forward!" - Sometimes you just want to dress your character in the opposite gender clothes, or you want to try another mission before your time is up, right? Well, NOPE. These guys are/were here to make sure you will not accomplish something you aren't supposed to.

The "Error Quell"

Error (1)

Error Quell

The error Quell was probably introduced in the early days of the site, when Quells were introduced (around June 2005). This guy meant business when he wanted to stop you from doing things you're not supposed to. No need to call the Maradan Police when this guy was around!

The "Error Poera"

Error poera

Error Poera

If you're the kind of person who isn't intimidated by otters, then this next one probably will. This image was introduced in July 2008. It is unclear whether a Poera is a worm, or a snake... but it sure can scare the pants off you when you get this. One thing we know for sure: it either scares you, or it annoys you (whichever is worse). Needless to say, you can't go anywhere beyond this point.

The "Error Kujo"


Error Kujo

The error Kujo was introduced in 2014, Marapets' 10th Anniversary. If you try to use an item in an erroneous way (such as adding one to your collection again), his computer will crash, having you go back the way you came. This little guy is likely a user of the Marapets website: a game within a game! (BRAAAHHHM) He was preceded by the Error Poera (above).

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