Shoot the Fatty cheat marapets-0

Shoot the Fatty cheat marapets-0

Shoot the Fatty Cheat

Shoot the Fatty is an Arcade Flash Game on Marapets.

Instructions: Use your mouse as your target to shoot the Fattys with your paintball gun as they appear. The more Fattys you blast, the more points you will earn to help you reach the 150 points needed to access the next level. This game has 3 colourful levels through the Dukka Caves, Gigantic Paradise and Enpiah for you to practice your paint shooting skills. (No Fattys were harmed during the making of this game.)

MP Ratio: 3MP per 2 points scored

Bonus Prizes: Shoot the Fatty Chain, Shoot the Fatty Gun, Shoot the Fatty Plushie, Shoot the Fatty Stamp, Shoot the Fatty Toy.

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