When your pet becomes sick, it also becomes 0% happy and unable to partake in any Pet Dailies or Quests. You'll see a message about what illness they have and need either bring it the correct medicine or to the Maradan Hospital to get cured, or else they might end up dead. Most medicine is on sale at the Puchalla Medicine Shop except for Sunblock, which is a prize from Minipet Island Goals.

List of Illnesses

Condition Item Cure

Greedy Fairy Acne Cream

In case your poor pet breakouts in Acne, the Greedy Fairy can help. She uses this cream for her acne!


Anime Chibs Pillow

Addicted to Anime? Hug this Anime Chibs Pillow at night to cure Animania!

Art Block

1001 Art Ideas

When suffering from Art Block, your pet will refuse to eat and feel very tired all the time. 1001 Art Ideas will help!

Bad Breath

Breath Mint

If your pet opens its mouth and a foul stench comes out (it may be from its food), have them chew on this!


Tiny Bottled Cloud

This is an allergy to clouds that all pets get now and again. It's typical after a visit to Nimbus. This item will cure it!

Broken Arm

Arm Plaster Cast

If your pet has a broken arm, this Arm Plaster Cast will help to cure it!

Broken Leg

Leg Plaster Cast

If your pet has a broken leg, this Leg Plaster Cast will help to cure it!


Box of Tissues

Your pet will go into a massive sneezing fit, and its eyes will become very sore. When your pet has a cold, this box of tissues will soon cure it!


Love Injection

Your pet is so unloved that it will break out in red spots. This injection will help... but give it a hug too!


Herbal Springs Shampoo

Your pet's scalp will be dry. In extreme cases, its fur may even start to flake off. This shampoo should fix that right up!

Dark Fairy Curse

Light Fairy Blessing

Caused by a curse from Dark Fairy, your pet will appear very afraid of her, Queen Eleka, and Dark and Eleka pets. Not to worry! This blessing will stop that curse!


Joyful Cheesecake

Your pet is feeling very down in the dumps, it shows little or no interest in playing or eating anything. One bite of this cheesecake will cheer them up!


Flea Soap

Oh no! Your beloved pet's coat is covered with fleas that hop around and make your pet scratch! Wash them in this and they'll be fine!


Chicken Soup

Your pet will refuse to eat, appear flushed, and be very sleepy. This chicken soup is just what you need!

Ice Fairy Chills

Fire Fairy Lotion

After visiting Biala Mountain without warm clothing, your pet will get Ice Fairy Chills! It will even see spots and bump into things all the time. This will help cure it.



Your pet will have a nasty headache and feel very under the weather. These pills will quickly heal any your pet may have.

Inky Tail

Super Absorbent Sand

Your pet may be happy, but they leave massive ink trails wherever they go. This sand will fix that right up!

Light Skin


When your pet starts hiding inside and won't come out into the light, use a Sunblock to cure your pet's Light Skin.

Lonely Heart

Anonymous Love Letter

In the most severe cases, your pet will turn emo. Is your pet lonely since Valentine's Day? This letter will cure them!


Colourful Paint Brush

Your pet will think it is a cartoon character, carrying bombs and bouncing around. They must have Monochromia! This will cure it.


Bottle of Sweet Dreams

If you notice that your pet just can't seem to sit still to sleep, one dose of this will cure them!


Soothing Osafo Cream

Your pet will be covered in itchy lumps and think it is an Osafo, pecking the ground for food and crowing at dawn. Your pet's Osafopox will be instantly cured when you rub this cream on.

Pink Eye

Eye Drops

Pink Eye is commonly caused by the change of seasons and the blooming of plants. If your pet has watery and itchy eyes, these eye drops will cure it.



When your pet is scratched after battling, use this plaster for it to heal!

Sore Throat

Citrus Mug

Your pet will have a sore throat and coughing fits. A mug of hot lemon will clear it.


Undying Fairy Stress Doll

This is a nasty illness that needs urgent medical attention. Marada can be very stressful! Your pet will feel sick, tired, and grumpy until you give it the cure. This doll will help!

Stuffy Ears

Magical Ear Cleaner

One too many of certain foods can cause an allergic reaction, having your pet's ears stuffing up. This magical ear cleaner will fix that!


Aloe Vera Leaf

Your beloved pet's coat becomes completely red and anything that touches it will harm it. This leaf will cure it.



If your pet has a toothache, it will have difficulty eating or drinking. Use this brush to clean them!


Gas Be Gone

Whenever your pet eats too much, stand back. Your pet will continuously release wind, having a rather loud side effect. One dose of this and the toots will be gone! (Clothespin not included.)


Troll Away Spray

Forum trolls will cause your pet to start hiding in cold, dark, damp areas. This spray will keep them away!


Garlic Necklace

Has your pet adopted the vampire lifestyle? This necklace will put a stop to that!

What places should I know about to avoid my pet getting sick?

Your pet will get sick for many reasons, but there are two that CANNOT be avoided:

  1. Random Events
  2. Cursing

Places your pet can get sick from:

  1. Eleka Fountain (here) - It promises magic but you're better off avoiding this unless you're willing to take the expense of curing your pet every time. It costs a whopping 50RP to get in!
  2. Murfin Madness (here) - It may promise charisma, but there's a 50/50 chance of getting sick or fully restoring your pet's health (if it's not neglected). Apart from a sick pet, you can get sick-pet t-shirts and mugs, of which you can sell in your shop. Thankfully these sell for more than the 500MP fee you need to pay to be able to ride.
  3. Venomous Victory (here) - This game is basically evil Snakes and Ladders. You have to beat the skull player to avoid your pets from getting sick and instead win transformations and MP. Each move depends on a dice roll, so whether or not you win is entirely based on luck. Thankfully, this requires a treasure map to complete, so you can't get too mad at it.

Despite making your pets unhappy, the Queen Bee sting does not cause any diseases.